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Investing in Bitcoin. Why?

Bitcoin is for me just another vehicle among the thousands that exist to invest a part of my capital. Who knows, maybe it ends up the most profitable one!

How to make a business plan for online investing

Do you really need a business plan when investing online? I thought I didn’t, until my way of living interfered with my investments and severely affected the efficiency and results of my investing. Yesterday I discussed how to fit online investing in your daily schedule and towards the post’s end I suggested making a plan… Continue reading

Investing in Photography to Make Money Online

Photography is a hobby that can make you money. At least that is what I keep reading in websites about photography! Although I have never dealt with photography, the recent poker videos I recorded and published in this blog changed my view towards photography. I have been gambling for a living, which led me to… Continue reading

5 Online Investing Ideas for Income

I have been making money investing online over the past decade by trading, playing online poker, betting on sports, blogging and playing blackjack at casinos! Investing in casino games was how I first got into gambling and it’s the only investment that was not carried out online. I then moved on to online trading for… Continue reading