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Poker Games Strategy Ep.3: Setting Up Traps against Squeeze Play

In the third episode of the poker video series about online poker strategy, I’m discussing about squeeze play and how to set up traps against super-aggressive players who overdo it! Squeeze play is not such an advanced poker strategy, although you need to be careful when you try it. In simple words, when you have… Continue reading

Poker Games Strategy Ep.2: Value Betting with Medium Hands

Value betting with medium poker hands is discussed in the second episode of the poker strategy video series. One of the first lessons in online poker is value betting with strong hands, especially against bad players and calling stations. How about value betting with hands that have medium showdown value like second pair? How about… Continue reading

Poker Games Strategy Ep.1: Suited Connectors from the Blinds

This is the first episode of a video series about online poker strategy. The video of the poker table is recorded while I am playing poker online at one of my favorite poker sites, Poker Stars, and I add the narration afterwards. During this episode, I’m discussing how to take advantage of an interesting poker… Continue reading

Do you prefer Facebook Poker, or the real thing?

The online poker industry has been abuzz in recent months with the news of Facebook taking steps towards offering a real money gambling platform. The social networking site has long offered free-play Texas Hold’em via the wildly popular Zynga Poker, which plays host to over seven million card sharps, a higher player traffic than all… Continue reading

Online Gambling Sites Affected by Regulations and Legislation

Online gambling sites seem to struggle against new European and American legislation that tries to regulate the gambling market. Sports betting companies and bookmakers were hit in Europe when Italy and recently Spain introduced new legislation that requires purchase of license in order to operate in those countries, which effectively leads to taxation of the… Continue reading

Sharing Poker Hands via PokerStars Boom! Hand Replayer

Sharing poker hands online hasn’t been easier before! PokerStars has launched Boom! Hand replayer where poker players can post and share their big bluffs, huge pot wins or bad beats! For regular poker players like myself who also blog about their Poker hands, the hand replayer is truly a gift since posting and including hand… Continue reading

Tilt Issues and Bluff-raising River Card, -9BI Day

Wednesday may have been a breakeven poker day but yesterday I managed to lose 9 buy-ins at $50NL tables. Yes, that’s right, a $450 EV adjusted loss. Am I a great poker player or what? Obviously I experienced some tilt issues during the two sessions that I completed at the online poker tables of Pokerstars…. Continue reading

Catching River Bluffs and Thin Value Bets, +3BI Day

Catching a river bluff and a thin value bet are two poker hands of my yesterday’s session that helped me win 3 buy-ins at $50NL PokerStars tables. Once again I’m talking about the EV adjusted winnings and not the actual ones, since I’d be bragging about a 7-buyin day! I also noticed that the poker… Continue reading

Make Money in Poker? Invest in Multi Monitor Computer Setup

It amazes when successful poker players post their computer setups, which are full of monitors of different display sizes along with a couple of laptops! If you are making money playing poker, invest some of the winnings to buy a proper multi monitor setup for God’s sake! Bragging about recent online poker tournament wins and… Continue reading

My Online Poker Rankings for 2011 – Tournaments

According to official poker rankings, I have won $25,000 in online poker tournaments in 2011. That places me 80th in the Greek online poker rankings of this year, although they don’t track my Ongame results, leaving about 3K out of the equation. Although the best cash happened at Full Tilt Poker taking down the first… Continue reading

PokerStars EPT Grand Final Madrid Package and Black Friday

It must have been the worst time ever to win an EPT Grand Final Madrid seat right before Black Friday of online poker. My package that includes 7-night accommodation, EUR10,600 buy-in and EUR750 for expenses is already in jeopardy, although PokerStars claim that the money and packages are safe. After last Friday’s events when the… Continue reading