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Using online poker software to review your hands

Online poker software can help us sort out those poker hands that cost us the most and hopefully plug some leaks! By reviewing last night’s poker session, players may find out that their poker bankroll could have increased if they hadn’t made expensive mistakes. That is how I discovered that I could have avoided losing… Continue reading

Poker Games Strategy Ep.6: Scary board in Heads-Up

Heads-up poker is considered the ultimate poker game! Sometimes though, we can find ourselves playing heads-up at a 6-max table, when tables are breaking up, 4 players are sitting out or waiting to post the big blind. It’s not that rare to end up playing heads-up poker and you’d better be prepared, in case you… Continue reading

Poker Games Strategy Episode 4: Let them Bluff!

You are defending from the blinds against a super-aggressive player sitting at late position. You look down at QJ off-suit. Should you fold, call or raise? I say: “Let them bluff”! Playing poker out of position can be a bit tricky and can cost money, especially when defending with no premium hands. I have already… Continue reading

Poker Games Strategy Ep.3: Setting Up Traps against Squeeze Play

In the third episode of the poker video series about online poker strategy, I’m discussing about squeeze play and how to set up traps against super-aggressive players who overdo it! Squeeze play is not such an advanced poker strategy, although you need to be careful when you try it. In simple words, when you have… Continue reading

Poker Games Strategy Ep.2: Value Betting with Medium Hands

Value betting with medium poker hands is discussed in the second episode of the poker strategy video series. One of the first lessons in online poker is value betting with strong hands, especially against bad players and calling stations. How about value betting with hands that have medium showdown value like second pair? How about… Continue reading

Poker Games Strategy Ep.1: Suited Connectors from the Blinds

This is the first episode of a video series about online poker strategy. The video of the poker table is recorded while I am playing poker online at one of my favorite poker sites, Poker Stars, and I add the narration afterwards. During this episode, I’m discussing how to take advantage of an interesting poker… Continue reading

Sharing Poker Hands via PokerStars Boom! Hand Replayer

Sharing poker hands online hasn’t been easier before! PokerStars has launched Boom! Hand replayer where poker players can post and share their big bluffs, huge pot wins or bad beats! For regular poker players like myself who also blog about their Poker hands, the hand replayer is truly a gift since posting and including hand… Continue reading

Resuming Poker Blogging after Creating New Databases in Holdem Manager

My poker blogging surely went south since it’s been a month since I last updated my blog’s poker section. During this time I visited Skyros island for a week and when I returned, I ordered a new solid state disk (SSD) for my desktop computer. I have thought of formatting and re-installing Windows for quite… Continue reading