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Recouping Weekend’s Losses, +11BI Day

Two losing days during the weekend cost 5 EV buy-ins at micro stakes, while the actual losses were more than five. Monday on the contrary was a great day, running very well and I managed to recoup the weekend’s losses and make even more. I completed 3 sessions at the poker tables yesterday, two 2-hour… Continue reading

Holdem Manager 2 Beta Installation

I received my Holdem Manager 2 beta codethis week in my mailbox and I’m happy to report that Holdem Manager 2 installation took less than 2 minutes even after setting up the PostgreSQL database. HEM 2 setup allows you to import either your Holdem Manager 1 or Poker Tracker 3 database as soon as the… Continue reading

Finding Leaks with Poker Tracker

Today I’ll show how we can make use of an excellent article written in 2+2 forums about finding leaks in our game with the aid of Poker Tracker. It is not necessary to read the article, since I’ll discuss each point separately here accompanied by my personal statistics. If you do have the application you… Continue reading