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Why I joined BettingExpert, the Social Network of Sports Betting

BettingExpert welcomes all visitors by introducing itself as the social network of sports betting. Moreover, they offer monthly prizes worth £3,000 to the best 40 tipsters. Yet, that’s not the reason I joined BettingExpert today. The past months I have become a lot more active at social media and generally on the internet. I am… Continue reading

Why Betfair should create a social platform like TradingView

Betting trends can easily be spotted at Betfair charts. Odds movements may predict smart money’s betting preferences or bookmakers’ mistakes. That’s why gamblers are interested in odds movements lately. However, the charts that Betfair provides are way too simple. Perhaps it’s about time Betfair update their charting and offer HTML5 charts, like TradingView. And since… Continue reading

The Ups and Downs of Arbitrage Betting and Trading

Arbitrage betting is an almost risk-free way of betting on sports. Arbitrage trading is likewise an almost risk-free way of trading any kind of financial instrument. Noticed the word “almost”? That is because you still stand to lose some money. And that is not the worst thing it can happen in arbitrage. But let’s just… Continue reading

Did your betting system fail? That is a step closer to success!

Did your betting system fail? Admitting the failure of a betting system just brings you closer to the successful betting system that is waiting to be found! The sooner you aknowledge the failure, the better. Perhaps you remember a football betting system I began to test 2 months ago. That betting system failed miserably, crashed and… Continue reading

You can Make Money Fast in Gambling. But you will Lose it even Faster!

You can make money fast in gambling. Faster than you would think. Surprised? Why, that is the truth. Yet, it is also true that you are going to lose even more money in the long run. Disappointed? You could be betting on sports, trading stocks or currencies, playing poker or blackjack. You can make money… Continue reading

Why I never use Betting Tips to invest my money

Since there are a bunch of websites offering paid or free betting tips, it’s tempting for gamblers to invest their money using these tips. After all, all the hard work of studying the games, analyzing the stats and doing the necessary research is already completed by the betting experts. Sports bettors only need to follow… Continue reading

US, Australia and Europe going after gambling industry

Gambling and specifically online gambling seems to be under fire in USA, Australia and Europe. Government officials make statements against online sports betting every day, commissions go after prediction markets and introduced laws prevent people from accessing online bookmakers when their websites are in foreign countries. Is it the end of online gambling as we… Continue reading