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TaxiBeat: The Greek Startup that attracted Gamblers!

Betting on a taxi ride? Gamblers in Greece had set up an illegal gambling operation where they could bet their money on the fastest taxi driver or on the most likely route drivers would take! According to Greek news, young University students were arrested a couple of days ago when a taxi driver and member… Continue reading

Online Gambling Sites Affected by Regulations and Legislation

Online gambling sites seem to struggle against new European and American legislation that tries to regulate the gambling market. Sports betting companies and bookmakers were hit in Europe when Italy and recently Spain introduced new legislation that requires purchase of license in order to operate in those countries, which effectively leads to taxation of the… Continue reading

How to Bet on Horse Racing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kate from TVG.vom contacted me the other day and let me know of an infographic their horse racing betting site created about how to bet on horse racing! The infographic is a great guide for novice bettors who dig into horse racing betting for the first time. The visual guide explains the difference between straight… Continue reading

Back Testing Tennis Betting System in 5,000 Matches

Back in 2009 I had developed a tennis betting system based on rankings. I had used a mathematical formula I found in a publication of 2002. The calculations weren’t difficult and back testing the system using a sample of 600 tennis matches in an Excel spreadsheet proved worthwhile. Apparently though, I must have done that… Continue reading

Contacted to Buy Tennis Betting System for EUR5,000

A Betfair bettor selling a tennis betting system contacted me in 2009. EUR5,000 was the initial price to buy the sports betting system from him but eventually the deal came down to EUR750 upfront payment and EUR750 more if the betting system made me at least EUR2,000. In the end the deal was off and… Continue reading

Political betting based on election polls in Greek Election 2009

Can election polls be trusted when betting on politics? Greek Election 2009 may provide the answer needed for political betting. The 2009 election results will be known on 4th of October but until then there are a lot of published polls that proclaim an easy win for PASOK. By scanning them and comparing the available… Continue reading

Greek Elections 2009: Betting on politics

Yesterday evening Karamanlis, Prime Minister of Greece, made an announcement regarding the next Greek Elections which will most probably take place in early October.  Thus, rumors that his party will not complete their 4-year incumbency as the ruling party are verified and every poll shows the opposition to be up to 6% ahead in the… Continue reading

Looking for a tennis betting system

Searching in google for a winning tennis betting system didn’t help at all. The first 3 pages returned advertising pages and affiliates’ links to so-called amazing tennis betting systems that guarantee instant profits. I understand that internet offers great potential for everyone to make money following different routes, but I was just looking for tennis… Continue reading

Betting in Australian Open Tennis with Ranking System

Most bettors are betting on the tennis matches at the Australian Open 2009 nowadays. I came across a publication which discusses about forecasting the winner of a tennis match and I back tested the suggested mathematical formulas using the historical data from the previous Australian Open Championships. While this is the first formula I found… Continue reading

Most World Records in Olympics 2008

Following up the post about the Most Gold Medals in Olympics 2008, today’s article was meant to talk about the World Records in Beijing Olympics. However, what surprises me is that there is not a single one website or blog showing record standings! There is no interest either in betting exchanges of bookmakers who do… Continue reading

Most Gold Medals in Olympics 2008

Olympics 2008 in Beijing have already started and more than 60 out of 302 gold medals have been decided. China has currently won most gold medals (17) but USA leads the overall medal standings with 29 medals won. Betting on China to win most gold medals looks like a sure bet but selecting USA is… Continue reading

Expectations and Bankroll Growth

We have defined our bankroll and staking plan we are going to apply and we may now calculate how much winnings we should expect and when we will make our first withdrawal. Because, after all, if we are not going to spend our hard earned money, what is the point to build our Betting System… Continue reading