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Contacted to Buy Tennis Betting System for EUR5,000

A Betfair bettor selling a tennis betting system contacted me in 2009. EUR5,000 was the initial price to buy the sports betting system from him but eventually the deal came down to EUR750 upfront payment and EUR750 more if the betting system made me at least EUR2,000. In the end the deal was off and… Continue reading

Looking for a tennis betting system

Searching in google for a winning tennis betting system didn’t help at all. The first 3 pages returned advertising pages and affiliates’ links to so-called amazing tennis betting systems that guarantee instant profits. I understand that internet offers great potential for everyone to make money following different routes, but I was just looking for tennis… Continue reading

Betting in Australian Open Tennis with Ranking System

Most bettors are betting on the tennis matches at the Australian Open 2009 nowadays. I came across a publication which discusses about forecasting the winner of a tennis match and I back tested the suggested mathematical formulas using the historical data from the previous Australian Open Championships. While this is the first formula I found… Continue reading

Tennis: Live Sports Trading [VIDEO]

Tennis is a popular sport to apply trading systems on. Like in stock trading, technical analysis provides excellent help to define entry and exit points while we try to make money trading tennis matches. The trading video shows how to take advantage of charting tools like FairBot, making use of trading indicators like Bollinger Bands… Continue reading