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How to change loading order of WordPress plugins

Building a website with WordPress eventually leads to installing numerous WordPress plugins. Although bloggers are advised not to use a lot of plugins in their websites due to reduced loading page speed, there are a couple of must-have WordPress plugins that not only make the blog more attractive, but also improve the blog’s user experience, like related… Continue reading

Responsive web design recommended by Google Analytics mobile report

According to my Google Analytics traffic report, all of my blogs are being accessed via mobile devices on a daily basis. Most importantly about 10% of my blogs’ traffic is coming through smartphones or tablets! Is that enough to update a blog with a new template featuring a responsive web design?

Tips for WordPress Admin Login Security

WordPress plugins like Limit Login Attempts increase security of WordPress blogs regarding admin login. The plugin sent me an alert today that there have been several IP lockouts after they tried to login and hack one of my WordPress blogs. This comes only two weeks after I moved to VPS hosting for better security; a… Continue reading

Google Analytics and WordPress Permalinks Determine your Blogging Performance

Blogging is all about writing great content, right? Google Analytics can determine if your old posts were well-written, but your permalinks need to include the publishing date so that Analytics can sort the posts by date. WordPress permalinks do exactly that by including the year, month and day the posts were published in the blog…. Continue reading

Paid Post as a Sign of Targeting Wrong Keywords

You know there is something wrong with your blog when you are asked to publish a porn-related post! I was offered a pre-written paid post to have it featured in my gambling blog today and although the money is good during the economic crisis, I’d rather keep my blog away from the porn industry. However,… Continue reading

Transfer from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting for Better Security

Moving my domains from HostGator shared hosting service to VPS – Virtual Private Server – has been quite an experience during last week. I made the decision due to allegedly improved security that a VPS or a dedicated server provides compared to shared hosting, since my websites were malware-infected the previous weekend. Domain transfer completed… Continue reading

Perform Page Speed Tests at

Since Google adopted website speed into their ranking formula two years ago, every blogger worries about their page speed and website loading times. Making money by blogging is all about content and invaluable content will keep visitors inside your blog, no matter how long they have to wait until your page completes downloading. But the… Continue reading

Stand out at Google Search Results with Authorship Markup (rel=author)

Google Authorship markup can make your blog post stand out from other results in Google search. All you have to do is add your Google Plus profile link somewhere in each post of yours and include ?rel=author at the end of that link. The authorship markup isn’t something new but I heard it this month… Continue reading

Virus Infected Websites, Excellent HostGator Support

All of my blogs and websites were infected by a trojan virus this weekend. HostGator, the hosting company of the websites, were unbelievably supportive and although I contacted them on Sunday, they responded within an hour letting me know that they had completed the scanning process! It turns out that the same virus has infected… Continue reading

How to Register and Develop Keyword-Targeted Domains

As a domainer, I need to register and develop keyword-targeted domains in order to make money. By studying popular practices and tips by other webmasters, I learnt how to register a domain name which is keyword rich and can easily be monetized. is a domain I bought in 2010 after SEO keyword research, but… Continue reading

Reduce Spam by Removing Guest Commenting in IntenseDebate

I have installed the IntenseDebate comment system in many blogs and I constantly received a lot of spam comments, although I had activated all of the spam filters available at IntenseDebate. Those spam comments came from guests leaving almost identical comments day after day, including links to their commercial websites. Until now you couldn’t disable… Continue reading