Writing and contributions

I always liked writing. I also liked drawing. And of course I liked gambling, that is why I created this gambling blog at the first place. Ultimately I combined all those by designing websites and blogging!

So, let me show you where you can read more posts of mine, apart from JimMakos.com.

Writing at Stoixima Online

As you have read in my about page, I am a native Greek speaker. I decided to start a sports blog targeting the Greek market, when I came across several discussions online among Greek gamblers, who were apparently struggling to make money in gambling. In fact, it was not that they were losing money that convinced me to deal with Greeks. It was more like their lack of knowledge and an entirely false way of thinking in gambling that prevented them from having the slightest hope to win!

There were two other reasons though that forced me to create this Greek sports blog, StoiximaOnline.com.

  1. Greek visitors had trouble understanding my English posts at JimMakos.com. I was being contacted by many Greek readers who had been requesting Greek translations of my articles. Instead of adding a subdomain in this blog, targeted to Greek readers, I opted to start from scratch and write in a fresh blog, exclusively in Greek.
  2. The misinformation about online gambling in Greece was another factor. I constantly read reports and news about online gambling that were simply not true. Media are publishing stories, which misguide Greek gamblers and create a false image about gambling as a whole. It’s not all grim in gambling, after all! On my end, I keep them informed by presenting official studies and using reputable references when talking about the gambling market, either worldwide or in Greece.

Writing at Bet Stories

The story of this blog is the exact opposite! This blog came back to life when I thought of translating my (now popular) Greek posts in English!

I created this blog back in 2006 as an aggregator of all the posts of other gambling blogs I visited during the day. I would copy the introduction of the most interesting posts, which would not be more than 2 paragraphs, and then give the readers a link, where they could read the rest of the story. Of course that model didn’t work for long. Eventually I quit updating BetStories.com.

In 2013, due to the popularity of my Greek blog, English-speaking followers and fans at my social media profiles began complaining that they didn’t understand a word I was sharing! And they were right. I was so obsessed in writing in my Greek blog, that I totally neglected my worldwide fans and my English blog! I neglected so much, that even my tweets were exclusively in Greek.

I then had the idea of translating my Greek posts in English. Given I was mostly talking about sports betting, BetStories.com would be the perfect domain to host the translated articles. Yet, I needed to do a catching up with the Greek blog, since my new Greek posts would link to older ones. And if I wanted to offer the same user experience at BetStories.com, I should begin by translating the old posts first.

At the time of writing I am still in this process. If you think you can help me out, drop me a line.

Writing at Trading Graphs

Another blog that owes its existence to JimMakos.com is TradingGraphs.com. As people kept returning to my gambling blog to check out how I did in sports trading, I needed a space exclusively targeting trading. But trading isn’t just about sports. Trading is mainly about stocks, forex, futures and bonds. Besides, I was already studying about this stuff when I decided to create a blog where I could write about finance in general.

Although my experience isn’t that big when it comes to finance or stock trading, I am blogging there as a regular guy trying to understand the big finance game.

Other contributions

By having a blast writing about gambling, I got the attention of big gambling companies, most notably Betfair and PokerStars. I have written several articles for them, either about sports trading or online poker respectively. I have also partnered with Poker.com.gr and Poker.co.uk in the past as far as poker concerns. I am contributing to Investing.com and FXEmpire.com as well, where I am discussing about finance.