My Facebook Fan Page
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My Facebook Fan Page

I finally found again the motivation to get occupied with my blogs and websites after 1 month of inactivity. One of the immediate actions I had to do is creating my one Facebook Fan Page, as it has been something I planned to do a long time ago. Writing and adding content in various scattered blogs online, I needed a place where I could publish all my posts without thinking the correlation among them. A Facebook fan page was just the thing and additionally it helps promoting the stuff and interacting with the readers much more efficiently.

Creating a Facebook fan page wasn’t that hard. I had already built an application for my other new trading blog, It was in fact easier than that and offers plenty of features to promote yourself! So now whenever I decide to write anything new either in any of my blogs, facebook or in a forum, I’m going to publish the link in my fan page’s wall so that my loyal fans don’t miss anything I say online! That has been a request by many readers for a long time and although I did have a Facebook and Twitter account, they didn’t provide the flexibility I needed. Besides I don’t want friends that don’t share my passions to get annoyed by my gab.So if you are one of my blog’s readers who would like to keep in touch with me, I invite you to visit my Fan page and officially declare yourself a fan! I would love to connect with all my friends online, read some of your comments there and maybe start some kind of discussion.

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