Everything that worked for me in business and life

I help people solve business and personal problems by sharing what worked for me as a work-from-home web publisher and advantage gambler.
Everything that worked for me in business and life

Hey, I'm Jim; a Greek web publisher with a history in advantage gambling. By solving problems in those industries, I became a solo entrepreneur working from home while raising a family.

In this blog, I document a healthy and wealthy life, solving business and personal problems. I'm sharing what worked for me in staying healthy, managing my finances, and running a web publishing business by myself.

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I usually solve problems in:

I have nothing to sell you!

Yes, you heard that right! I don’t offer any services. You cannot hire me. I don't have products to sell, and I'm not affiliated with any brand (*) for a straightforward reason.

I don't like taking orders.

I am free to tell you my unbiased opinion and share my problem-solving thoughts. Let's also take care of that asterisk right now.

(*) In my articles, I link to products and services I have benefited from and personally used. Some of those links are affiliate links, meaning I get a cut if you buy any of them at no extra cost to you. I do this because I, like you, enjoy a side income. It's also a way of showing your appreciation for my work. Don’t worry; no hard feelings if you highlight and search for the products. I do it myself!

I do NOT make a living from this blog (yet).

I have other streams of income to sustain my living standards and raise my family. Yet, this blog, which I started in 2005, is the reason for every business partnership I have had.

The short story of my life

I began by counting cards at blackjack tables. Then, I moved to sports trading at betting exchanges. I played online poker and ended up investing in stock markets and forex. Nowadays, I am building websites and creating content. At the same time, I am running a US-based web publishing company.

How is my website different than the rest?

Actually, it isn’t. It's a blog where I'm sharing everything that worked for me. My experience will help people become better solopreneurs. Hopefully, you will become a wealthier and healthier human being as we solve problems together.

Don’t expect a punch line at this point. This blog is just like any other regular blog that features:

  • Quality posts: I try my best here to create good content. Good English content. And it’s a bit difficult if you consider I come from Greece! I double and triple-check every sentence. But my posts will have more mistakes than your favorite native English-speaking blogger. So, I will take whatever criticism comes my way, and I promise to improve—all the time. At all costs, I aim to publish meaningful and grammatically correct articles in my blog.
  • Eye-opening topics: Sure, I could write how much money I won last month (although I shouldn't). Even better, write how much I lost on a single poker hand (I learned that lesson). But that won't interest you or find it beneficial. Instead, there is a lot more value in posts where I explain my thought process! I have already published hundreds of posts, but admittedly, most of them are below par. Honestly, I hope you never find them (I did delete many)! You see, I didn't regard blogging as a serious business in the past. Thus, I am looking to post topics that will stun the readers of this blog.
  • Authentic community: As a creator, creating content online is for building a community. By putting myself out there, I'm looking for like-minded people to connect with. This blog acts as a landing page for people watching my videos, reading my posts, or coming across my photos. I build on those rented lands as a doorway to invite people here.
  • Honest and fearless content: This is my personal blog if anything else. I am not afraid of sharing my views. Of course, I will also back up my words with evidence when needed. I will not post bogus information or fake images for traffic. You can bet it is the absolute truth if you read it in my blog.

So, this is my blog. My gambling, personal finance, entrepreneurship, photography, filmmaking, web development, personal blog.

Yes, I know; every blog out there should target a specific niche.

Well, not mine.

I could build several blogs with distinct niches and spread myself thin. Yet, I chose differently. I picked this blog to share how I solve common problems in business and life.

I have built other websites as a web publisher, but this blog is more personal.

This blog is more like a personal diary, and you all have the keys to it!

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