I jumped on the bandwagon of modern marketing and run my own newsletter, cunningly named 'The Makos Letters" (check previous issues), here on this blog. The newsletter includes a free version that gets delivered to anyone sharing their email address with me and a paid version (currently paused), where I focus on personal finance and practicing what I preach.

Free letters

I used to send two types of free content to all of my subscribers:

  1. Regular blog posts and
  2. Community-based letters

The first includes articles that I occasionally publish on my blog and are available publicly.

I write these posts to rank high in Google and other search engines for a particular topic. For that reason, I have to follow specific rules and a structure, toning down my personal touch. Nonetheless, I believe in quality over quantity and pour a ton of value into these posts. It would be a pity for my subscribers to miss them.

I try to niche down for these and pick evergreen keywords that people will search for years to come. Examples include:

As of January 2024, I no longer do this in an effort to keep your inbox uncluttered.

I do appreciate the value of inbox zero. I want you to accomplish that, and emailing you twice a week will do more harm than good.

So, I'll only send the second type of letter, which is more like sharing what I learned in the last few days or weeks. This allows me to talk more freely and not worry about SERP (search engine ranking performance).

In these letters, I let you know of new software I am excited to use, what I am up to lately, how I practice everything I share publicly (the theory), and I'm answering the most common questions I get in the mail.

More often than not, this involves elaborating thoughts on things I've shared on X recently.

Oh, and I will drop links to my recent blog posts since I don't send these to your inbox anymore.

Some examples that free subscribers have enjoyed in the past include:

See how different the titles are?! You bet the content is, as well.

I launched my paid newsletter quietly in November 2021. At the time, I already had a few hundred subscribers, my most die-hard fans, and I wanted to create a business that would force me to write regularly and help more people.

As a solo entrepreneur, advantage player, and personal finance enthusiast, I believe I provide a unique look into the industry by combining skills that overlap those niches.

I decided to create a paid newsletter as collecting the information I am sharing in these letters costs both time and money. Not to mention that the information itself is sensitive, and I wouldn't like it to be publicly available. I also strongly believe that it is the most useful data and content I have ever shared with the world since I went online in 1996 (I'm old) and launched my blog in 2005 (I'm slow).

So, I needed some kind of reward for me to sit down and write these long, juicy articles that include:

  • A new letter at the start of each month discussing my portfolio's performance and any worth-noting information I heard of the past month. Also, what I'll be looking for next month. The first issue of my net worth breakdown is an excellent start to getting a feel for it.
  • A letter every time I invest or talk about a new crypto coin, stock, or an emergency change in portfolio allocation. For example, you can read how I invested in the Metaverse.
  • Exclusive letters discussing details of new projects, strategies, and plans I use to manage my wealth.

If you have read this far, consider subscribing to the free letters and get to know me better.