I've hopped onto the modern marketing bandwagon and am running my own exclusive newsletter on this blog. I cunningly named the newsletter "The Makos Letters."

The best part? The newsletter is absolutely free for everyone.

All I request is your email address. In return, you'll receive my letters directly in your inbox and gain access to exclusive content on this blog.

You may check previous issues here.

These letters are not publicly available for the first 24 hours.

What I offer with my free letters

I send free content to all my subscribers. Every day, you will receive:

  • Details on a personal note I took down recently that helped me solve a problem
  • I show how I practice everything I share in public (the theory)
  • A concise summary of my recent podcast (sometimes)
  • I am answering questions I get in the mail (rarely)
  • My e-mail address to contact me

What you do NOT get with my letters (and that's a good thing)

I do not send regular blog posts to keep your inbox uncluttered, as I do appreciate the value of inbox zero.

I write regular blog posts to rank high in Google and other search engines for a particular topic. For that reason, I have to do keyword research, follow specific rules and a structure, and tone down my personal tone. Nonetheless, I bet on quality over quantity and pour a ton of value into these posts.

Yet, it would be a pity for you as a subscriber to miss them.

Thus, I include the most recent ones as links in my free letters.

I try to niche down for these and pick evergreen keywords that people will search for years to come.

Newsletter Paying Subscribers

I launched my paid newsletter discreetly in November 2021. At the time, I already had a few hundred subscribers, my most die-hard fans. I wanted to create a business that would force me to write regularly and help more people.

As a solo entrepreneur and advantage gambler, I provide a unique perspective on industries by combining skills that overlap those niches.

I consider my gambling background my unfair advantage.

I created a paid newsletter as collecting the information I was sharing cost both time and money. The information itself was sensitive, as well. I wouldn't like it to be publicly available.

Also, the information was often time-sensitive in the case of betting or investing. Think of odds shortening before we bet or asset price going 5% up before we buy.

This was the most useful data and content I have ever shared with the world. Note that I went online in 1995 (I'm old) and launched my blog in 2005 (I'm slow)

But after a few paid letters, I realized this was not sustainable, and most importantly, I didn't enjoy it. So, I scraped the idea, but I kept the payment option for subscribing to my newsletter.


Why pay for my letters?

Consider the paid version of my newsletter as your token of appreciation for my work.

  • Did you read something here that helped you solve a problem and want to return the favor? Pay my phone bill this month.
  • Did your life change because of me? Pay my phone bill for a year!