Resuming Poker Blogging after Creating New Databases in Holdem Manager
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Resuming Poker Blogging after Creating New Databases in Holdem Manager

Resuming Poker Blogging after Creating New Databases in Holdem Manager

ssd-drive-holdem-managerMy poker blogging surely went south since it’s been a month since I last updated my blog’s poker section. During this time I visited Skyros island for a week and when I returned, I ordered a new solid state disk (SSD) for my desktop computer. I have thought of formatting and re-installing Windows for quite some time and by the time I made my decision, I also decided to do it the proper – and modern – way and invest in an SSD. That also meant I had to create new poker databases in Holdem Manager 2 and re-import 3 million poker hands, as I am not such a big fan of database exporting and importing. I also managed to play 10K hands at 100NL stakes this month, winning at a rate of $100/hour up to now. That’s well into my plan’s limits of returning to 200NL poker tables by the end of May!

Although you may not be interested in computer technology, you might have heard of new computer disks which offer much faster speeds of reading and writing data. They are called SSD’s and are getting quite popular lately, since the first models’ flaws have been overcome. However speed and owning the latest gadgetry come at a price. Solid state disks cost much more than common hard disks, despite the latter’s price increase due to the drive shortages that floods in Thailand caused some months ago. Anyway, I installed Windows 7, Holdem Manager 2 poker software and PostgreSQL in the Intel 120GB SSD to make the most out of the new drive. I also created the new database into the SSD for faster hand importing and quicker data access to stats and graphs. Yet, I only imported the last 150K or so hands into that database. The rest of the 3 million hands were imported into a separate database, which I created into my old 150GB Western Digital Raptor hard disk that had now been completely formatted – not “quick format”. Doing so I am now able to access all of my previous poker history when I need to go back in time, and at the same time use on a daily basis a database that actually works!

Holdem Manager software meanwhile has a couple of issues lately, most notably the inconsistency between the poker stats and EV graphs. Many forum posters over at HEM website complain about the wrong EV line at the graphs. I also noticed that bug and we are told that it will get fixed in future updates. Yesterday there was a new update announced but doesn’t seem to take care of this problem. However there was a worrying intro text in the update pop-up window that let us know we had to re-import hands since update number 6745 due to stats being imported wrong! An update that rolled out on April 27th! That is quite unacceptable, as it means I have to re-import all hands since the format took place in May! Other HEM users won’t have such a big problem; they just need to purge their databases using a data range from April 26th to today’s date. Thankfully I haven’t deleted the poker hands which are kept in a third hard disk (true, I’m well organized!).

Quick Update: It turns out they are referring to hands actually played since April 27th, so no need to re-import hands older than that.


Back to my online poker performance, I moved up to 100NL this month after a quite bad end at 50NL tables last month. I did make about 2K dollars playing for almost 60K hands there but the expected value winnings are close to 1.1K. That is far from my expected performance. Still I decided to make the move and promised myself I won’t be playing poker when I’m travelling! Lol!

The first 10K hands at 100NL went pretty well as you can see at the image below. I’m also including the graph, although it’s obviously wrong. By reading the HEM forum posts I know that the EV adjusted winnings are correctly shown in the stats rather than in the graph. I suppose currency conversion (EUR to USD) is implemented into those figures.


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