EUR/USD hasn’t closed at 1.3350 or lower for almost a year. That is a fact. And based on this fact, I am planning on going long. Continue reading for the most simple, almost naive approach to forex trading.

I am not an active forex trader. As a matter of fact, I do not trade regularly any more, due to lack of time. Yet, from time to time I scan the forex charts, looking for a promising setup. This one on EUR/USD chart I’d say is safe that promising. For one good reason:

EUR/USD hasn’t closed below 1.3350 for almost a year.

Yes, I like repeating myself, because you are likely reading this post in fast-forward and I need you to, at least read the line above. After all, it’s the article’s main point.

Today, Euro is trading for 1.3380 US dollars.

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