Find Time by Stop Complaining about Not Having Time

Ever since I became a dad I feel I am constantly running out of time. Last year I turned forty as well which only made things worse. In theory, I can no longer be as productive as I was ten years ago and I also have to take care of and provide for one additional human being. 

But what if I do have time? What if it’s just an excuse?

Recently, I had a chat with a friend. I was complaining that I don’t have time to pursue the dreams I once had, I don’t have time to do the things I want to, I don’t have time to myself. To which, he replied how come I don’t have time when he is running a store as a full-time job from Monday to Saturday! He said that he struggles to find just one hour to himself every day while I have 6 hours every morning to do whatever I like as a stay-at-home dad!

Wait! He is right. I do have 6 hours from Monday to Friday every week. At least. There are days when I have afternoons available as well. And although weekends are meant to be spent with family, there are still brief moments when I can sit down at my office!

But let’s say I have strictly 6 hours per workday. That is 30 hours per week. Ok, compared to the 60+ hour-weeks I was enjoying in my twenties, that sounds miserably less. But they’re still 30 hours to my name. What can I achieve in 30 hours? Certainly less than when working 60 hours per week, but definitely a lot more when I am working instead of complaining! So, I do have enough time to stop complaining and start working towards making those dreams come true.

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