Productivity in a Depressing World of Lockdown and Isolation

As we are all in lockdown and go outside only for a very good reason, I’m being more productive than ever. Empty streets make filming myself in public less awkward and family activities outdoors have been minimized, allowing myself to work even more from home. My web business experiences a 30% drop in revenue due to advertisers spending less as businesses close down or go bust, but that doesn’t deter me from working more. Much like the bakeries, which I’m sure they see their revenues drop but that doesn’t stop them from making bread as before.

By staying at home for weeks boredom and depression may easily kick in. But I have no excuse to get bored, as long as we are connected online of course. Can you even imagine our lives without internet? During these uncertain times, while the world stands still, it seems hard to do anything, let alone start something new. 

But that is exactly what I should be doing. Whatever most other people aren’t. Except staying at home of course!

Following up on a previous episode, I’ve recently heard how others are spending their time productively. Friends who shut down their brick-and-mortar businesses are renovating their place themselves, selling online stuff that collects dust and brainstorming ideas of how to prepare their business for the post-crisis world. Worrying about lost revenue will get them nowhere.

Some are improving their skills by reading or picking up hobbies like drawing. A few years ago I myself had gone down this path. Drawing and creativity, in general, live in our brain’s right side, while rational knowledge resides on the left side. Making both sides work will benefit us greatly.

Make the most of your time. If I can work more from home as a dad, so can you.

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