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2022 Review

2022 drives to a close. Perfect time to review how I did financially, how my web business performed, and how my life changed drastically this year.

2022 Review
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Health over wealth over relationships.

2022 has been a great reminder for me of why health is more important than wealth (and, after that, relationships). Because, despite becoming wealthier in 2022, I wish I'd become healthier. Since I didn't; or did I?

I'm a bit torn, as I've now got a stomach pushing through my throat, yet at the same time, I got a lot thinner. But let's take things from the beginning.

How my Business Performed in 2022

Not surprisingly, my web business did quite well. That’s what happens when you invest time and money in an endeavor. It grows. It expands.

So, first, I spent twice as much to buy content. More content means a bigger chance to rank for more keywords on Google. Better ranking results mean more traffic or higher-quality traffic. Which means more expensive clicks on advertisements, thus more revenue.

Revenue grew 37.7% YoY (Year-over-Year). 2022 was my web business' best year. Admittedly it wasn’t just traffic; advertisers paid more as businesses reopened and increased their ad budgets to pre-COVID levels. Or that's what I think happened because traffic stayed put!

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