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2023 Investing Starts: Stocks and Crypto

2023 Investing Starts: Stocks and Crypto
Photo by PiggyBank [Not my actual investment!]

My first investments for 2023 are in! It was long overdue.

As I developed a health condition in the second half of 2022, my investing activity dropped to zero. No surprise there, since health > wealth. When you're in pain, all priorities shift to getting better.

Money means nothing other than buying you better health care, and you couldn't care less about making more money on a hospital bed.

As I'm getting my life back, I begin resuming my normal activities. In fact, I'm already much healthier than I ever was in the previous fifteen years, to the point I am a lot more productive, happy and excited to create new things.

For now, I will share with you two investments I made yesterday. The first is increasing my position in a stock, and the second is buying a crypto coin, which I previously lost money on.

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