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Which baseball team will be the 2015 World Series champion?

In an attempt to find the finalists of 2015 World Series, I have tracked declining betting odds on half a dozen teams. Is this year’s champion among them?
Which baseball team will be the 2015 World Series champion?

With 41,000 pounds sterling (about $63,000) in betting volume so far, the markets at Betfair’s betting exchange should provide a rough first indication about how things are expected to evolve in MLB World Series 2015. The top two favorites to win the World Series come from the American League, while St. Louis Cardinals of National League hold the third position on the preferences of the punters at the sportsbooks.

As baseball attracts more spectators than any other sports event in the world (approximately 74 million spectators in 2013), interest is expected to peak at the end of October when World Series is officially launched.

Imagine the huge betting volume, should Betfair allowed access to US bettors!

Toronto Blue Jays: A long way down, way down!

The first bets in favor of the one and only non-US baseball team, but still the top favorite, were matched between the range of 25 and 30. A hasty sharp fall soon followed, submerging the odds to single-digit values. After resting a while at, or near, 8.00, prices seem to be testing a second dive to the unknown, as the odds are heading south on a declining trend.


At the time of writing these words, the best odds (5.00) are offered by sportsbooks online, such as 32Red, Coral and Ladbrokes, among others.

Royals and Cardinals: Do declines have a time-bar?

In the case of Kansas City Royals, the recent decline displayed on the chart of the odds seems to have reached an end. The downwards trend line has been broken recently as indicated below. I would avoid betting in favor of Royals right now, especially if a higher value is recorded on the graph, namely a value over 7.0.


As regards St. Louis Cardinals, the odds have definitely found support at 6.0, as illustrated clearly on the above chart. Nevertheless, I would keep a close look at this team of National League, in case a support level’s breakout occurs any time soon. If this actually happens, I would take full advantage of the bettors’ excitement, who would rush to place their bets in favor of the Cardinals at odds below the 6.00 level. Hopefully the trend’s resume in that case will last a bit longer.

Three shortening odds on which you would like to put your hands on

Rangers, Mets and Cubs, all appear receding, according to the odds printed on the betting exchange’s charts. No doubt, the fluctuations we observe are in direct correlation with the performance of the teams. Meanwhile, volatility is expected to become more intense the more we approach the end of the regular season.


On the other hand, who could leave unnoticed the odds movements that are being already demonstrated on the charts above? All three contestants seem to have won the confidence of bettors, who are willing to lay some cash in favor of these teams, driving the odds lower and lower. At the end of the day, one single team will be the laureate champion of MLB Fall Classic. Yet, who can tell the losers in this group in order to bet on the one possibly true winner?

One way or the other, the odds on whoever will be the finalist in this year’s World Series will be printing a steady odds decline. Why not make our homework early in order to take advantage of the generous odds offered by the sportsbooks right now? The question is which of the teams will eventually be among the top finalists. That’s why we should look closely at odds that record steady declines at their graphs. Note that the highest odds for Mets are 8,00 at Skybet and Betfred, while punters betting on Rangers or Cubs at BoyleSports, BetVictor and Coral will be getting paid 17-fold their stakes, in case they win.

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