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Can "Bing Predicts" predict odds movements and value bets?

Having trouble estimating the chance of a team winning their next NFL game? Bing predicts can help and it might actually point out odds likely to shorten!

Can "Bing Predicts" predict odds movements and value bets?

I don’t remember when I first stumbled upon Bing Predicts for the first time. It must have been a long time ago since I have forgotten all about it. I just came across it again today, so I thought to spend a couple of minutes more this time.

Lately, I have been writing a lot about US sports. The sport that gets most of my attention these days is NFL.

Today Washington Redskins are hosting Dallas Cowboys. The game is set to begin in about 4 hours. Bing predicts a 53% chance for the Washington team to win the game. That, of course, means a 47% win probability for the Cowboys.

In a fair betting market, where there is no vig paid to the sportsbook, those numbers translate into 1.887-2.128 in decimal odds.

Now, let’s see the actual betting markets around the world, courtesy of OddsChecker.

We notice that Cowboys are indeed the underdog tonight. Yet, their current odds are substantially higher than Bing’s estimates. Thus, theoretically there is value betting on Cowboys.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Cowboys’ odds have been shortening the last few hours. Check the following chart, again by OddsChecker.

Will it drop to 2.12 or lower? That’s not the question to be asking ourselves. What matters is whether Bing Predicts can actually prove correct in their estimates in the long run. And if they do, make sure you grab that 2.60 at Betway while it lasts!

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