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Replying to old emails: Brief overview of my emailing workflow

Here's a quick overview of my emailing workflow that led me to replying to 5-month-old emails today.

Replying to old emails: Brief overview of my emailing workflow

Replying to 5-month-old emails today. It was about time! Now, I’m expecting some funny responses!

Here’s a quick overview of my inbox workflow (I use G Suite from Google – similar to Gmail but it’s a paid service):

  1. Whenever I receive an email and needs a reply, I ‘star’ it. If it requires an immediate response, I reply at once and be done with it. If I don’t want or have to reply, I archive it.
  2. Whenever I feel like it, I go through my starred list with all the emails that I need to answer to. I don’t have a time schedule for this, I enjoy my work-from-home freedom.
  3. I ALWAYS prioritize business emails. Emails, that one way or another may end up increasing my company’s revenue. In short, money-making promising emails. Business comes first.
  4. Once I finish with those, I will take a look at other emails. Most often, I’m already exhausted from all the emailing and postpone that task.

That’s why I’ve ended up with a to-reply email list of 40 non-business emails dating back to September! Apart from being advice-seeking, experience-sharing, personal-like emails, these messages most often require a long response. That’s another reason I keep delaying to get back to senders and only respond quickly to the shortest ones.

Thus, if you need a quicker reply from me, contact me at social media or write a couple of lines in your email. Otherwise, you may hear again from me in… July!

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