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February Portfolio Update: No Pain, No Gain

January has been quite brutal for my investments, while February is already looking grim as well.

February Portfolio Update: No Pain, No Gain

Another late letter from me. This time during very uncertain times in Europe.

As I'm far from the foreign policy expert here, I'll stick to what I know. And that is how we should manage our wealth properly as long as the world continues spinning around.

This 27-day late update on my January finances follows the pattern I introduced in the first letter of the series, despite me expressing my will to change its structure last month. Family and business hasn't allowed me to spend enough time to restructure the layout for the time being.

Thus, we'll start off with my net worth performance breakdown, followed by stock and crypto performance, along with nuggets of knowledge I picked up throughout the month of January. Hopefully you'll learn a few things and at the very least, keep your brain occupied away from the current worrying events.

Let's go.

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