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Flight and Racing Simulation on ATI Eyefinity

I have always been a PC gamer but never a huge fan of flight simulations or racing games. Owning a multi-screen setup and watching some Youtube videos made me realize the gaming potential of a triple monitor setup, which up to now has been used only for work. Although the PC is not a high-end machine, it gets the job done easily. An ATI HD5770 powers and extends the desktop workspace on 3 Dell 24’’ monitors, allowing ATI Eyefinity technology to push screen resolution up to 5760×1200. Up to now I got hooked to Wings of Prey and iRacing.com simulators both of which are very addictive games!

The greatest thing about ATI Eyefinity in flight and racing simulations is the fact that the gamer is able to have a wider angle of view. This ability offers the advantage of seeing enemy aircrafts or opponents’ cars on your sides, adding a lot of depth and realism to the whole pc gaming experience. Besides of being an eye-candy technology, it is considered a gamer’s edge compared to other players not using such technology. I seem to agree since ATI technology helps for instance to brake at the right time when side-by-side with another car at iRacing. Obviously the edge is even bigger when playing first person shooters but I’m not into those kind of games any more.

In order to enable ATI Eyefinity you need an ATI graphics card with a DisplayPort connected to the middle monitor of the triple monitor setup and 2 DVI connections to the other monitors. It’s not rocket science but can lead to spending money on a new monitor to fulfill the DisplayPort requirement. Other than that, the last thing you need to do is to group your monitors in the ATI Catalyst control panel so that the large resolution is enabled and selectable in-game.

If you are one of the lucky ones to own a multi-screen setup with your computer, go on and try out a flight or racing sim having enabled ATI Eyefinity. It’s a new experience for old gamers who used to play in CGA monochrome screens! If you need a break from your work like me, PC gaming is worth it with today’s technology!