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Do you speak Greek? As of today, I do!

There it is! My first blog writing in my native language, Greek! Will it be a success? Or, will it be a complete waste of time? Place your bets!

Do you speak Greek? As of today, I do!

Let there be blog in Greek! I was thinking about it for months. Yet, voices in my mind hampered the effort. Today, I made the decision. Would the experiment be successful?

The truth is I do not care that much about it right now. At this moment, all I am interested in is to write a couple of lines and fill in the Greek section of the blog. I want to tell the world a few of my thoughts.

And, write about them.

It has been a long time since and I missed writing. Not writing about betting online and all that stuff… Most of all, I missed the freedom to write whatever I want; whatever comes in my mind.

But, most and foremost to write in Greek.

Of course, in terms of business, it would be wrong to spend my time writing in Greek. That is what the voices I was talking about, keep on telling me. I should not do it. The benefit, if any, would be much less when compared to the anticipated returns if I write the same lines in English.

On the other hand, it seems so easy to write in your mother tongue! No risk making a lot of mistakes and less risk to be “criticized” about your grammar and syntax. Less risk in general. Less risk, smaller reward. That is how it goes. And that is how it should be.

Writing in English could be tiring if English is not your native language. Obviously, this is the case if you have not studied abroad or you do not have to speak very often in English. Even worse, it could be more demanding if you are not writing a novel and you have to learn the specific jargon and terminology relevant to the subject matter that you are interested in.

I was lured into writing more in Greek when I visited for the first time the Greek blog of Georgakopoulos. A journalist of Kathimerini newspaper, also an author and blogging even about… cell phones’ reviews. Complete freedom in choosing content. Oh, the huge volume of articles! If Thodoris opted to write in English would have ten times the number of followers he currently has.

Still, he prefers to write in Greek.

It is about time for me to make the same very choice. It is about time to write in 10-15 minutes a piece of information that I learned just a little while ago but you did not have the opportunity to learn yourselves, because of these voices inside me: How are you going to write this in English? Where are you going to publish it?

So, let Greek be the language of this blog. Better, let Greek be the main language of the blog from now. My goal long term would be the full content of the blog to be available in both languages, Greek and English. We’ll see about that.

The first step is already made. I made up my mind. Will it be a success? Only time will tell. However, my willingness to carry on is here, despite the voices in my mind getting louder. Yet, when you are in a good mood, when you enjoy doing something, even when you fail, you feel rewarded.

You are having a good time. And that is a feeling that passes over to the people reading your work.

Image: Photograph taken by me on the Greek island of Skyros. See more here.