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Investing in Microstrategy and Amazon stock

Investing in Microstrategy and Amazon stock

I have been a happy Amazon customer for years. I've come to appreciate the lighting deals, the instant refunds should a product be missing from my package, and getting my hands on my purchase the next day, thanks to the express delivery.

So it was time to become an Amazon shareholder. Hopefully, a happy one, as well!

I use Revolut for buying stocks

Buying Amazon shares on the stock-split day

Amazon did a 20-for-1 stock split on Monday, which meant you could become an Amazon shareholder for $125/share instead of $2,500. Surely you could still buy a fraction of a share and not wait for a stock split, which was not an option a few years back.

As a degenerate gambler that hates non-round numbers, though, I didn't particularly appreciate owning, let's say, 0.2 AMZN shares. Thus, the stock split led me to invest in Amazon, acquiring tiny equity in the company instead of mindlessly going on a shopping spree to purchase more filmmaking gear.

Why did I buy Amazon shares?

A few reasons led me to add Amazon to my stock portfolio:

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