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Keep Yourself Extremely Busy

Overthinking, regretting life decisions and worrying too much of terrible things that will never happen can be remedied by keeping yourself extremely busy.

Keep Yourself Extremely Busy

Walking around and overthinking too much? Lying down and regretting life decisions? Brainstorming for hours, waiting for big ideas to hit you? Worrying too much of terrible things that might happen to you or your loved ones? All these issues can be solved by keeping yourself extremely busy. Because everything is in our brain.

Hey! I’m Jim Makos and I’m doing these two-minute talk shows where I share quick thoughts I have with the world, while I’m preparing longer videos for other shows I’m running on this channel and running a web business at the same time. That’s how I keep myself extremely busy to avoid procrastinating, overthinking, depression and worrying too much about stuff that is most probably not going to happen anyway.

Have you noticed that when you are busy with something, your mind is worry-free? That you don’t contemplate life choices? That you actually don’t have the time to sit down and watch a TV show, which you might regret later wasting your time for? Instead, chances are that by the time you finish whatever keeps you busy, you’ll feel productive or even accomplished! That’ll be a massive boost to your psychology, which will push depressing thoughts even deeper.

If you are like me, sometimes we pause during the day, questioning ourselves of our purpose. Of what’s the point for doing everything we do. We ask ourselves questions that we don’t have the answers for.

So, why do it in the first place? Avoid having second thoughts, questioning and, doubting yourself by keeping your brain extremely busy. That has worked for me. Don’t just tell yourself you are busy for the sake of it, though. Be actually busy and work on something. Anything. It doesn’t have to bring money. Create, read, or learn something. Do something. Always.

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