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Live Updates from European Poker Tour Grand Final Madrid

Facebook and Twitter is the favorite choices of many poker pros, who will use the social networking websites to communicate with their friends and fans, in order to keep them updated of their performance in the EPT Grand Final poker tournament that is starting on 7th of May. That is why I also have setup my mobile phone to easily update my personal pages in those sites, as long as there is internet connectivity inside the Gran Casino in Madrid. So, if you want to keep track of what is going on in my trip and how I am doing stack-wise in my first European Poker Tour Main Event, feel free to follow me in Twitter and check on my Facebook Fan page.

I will hopefully be able to post images and videos along with regular text, adding more to the remote experience. However as I am new to twitting via phone, I’m not sure if I will manage that. Texting on the other hand seems much easier, so I will stick to that for the time being. The updates will mainly include my stack size compared to the average stack of the other tournament players and possibly some hands played at the tables. Of course, you can keep track of the EPT happenings straight from the Pokerstars blog. Still, I’m not expecting to be noticed except if I sit next to Barry Greenstein or bust out right before the money. So close friends and family will keep an eye on my twitter account to know exactly how I am doing.

I’m playing on Day 1A of the European Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event, that is on Saturday, May 7th. I will be having a day break on Sunday and play will resume on Monday until Thursday. If I bust out in any of those days, I will be looking to register in the Side Event of the next day – if not the same. Other than tournament updates, our experience as tourists in Spain is very likely to be shared, as we will pay visits to museums, city’s centre and quite possibly Toledo.