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Looking for a tennis betting system

Looking for a tennis betting system

Searching in google for a winning tennis betting system didn’t help at all. The first 3 pages returned advertising pages and affiliates’ links to so-called amazing tennis betting systems that guarantee instant profits.

I understand that internet offers great potential for everyone to make money following different routes, but I was just looking for tennis gamblers sharing their knowledge and possibly their experience testing several betting systems. I will keep on searching though for ideas to include in a tennis betting system I am interested in.

It is not the first time tennis betting attracts my attention. In the past I published a tennis betting system that was based merely on a simple formula, making use of the tennis ranking system. While that was obviously a quite simple betting method, I had found an idea of how to include the ranking system in a tennis betting system. In a similar way I wanted to find out other formulas which would help me predict the tennis matched more efficiently. What a better way to search for tennis betting systems in google.

I was really disappointed to see that the first 30 or so results pointed to promoting pages. Go ahead and search for yourself, you will find awesome betting systems making you money in a minute, betting systems that promise to reveal secrets untold for centuries and testimonials of people from all over the world. If you however target a specific tennis betting system and search for it, there is a great chance you will read forum posts that drive you away from the betting system. They claim that most of these betting systems only explain and use martingale systems or other non profitable methods and they usually provide information that is already available for free online. Of course the most usual question you will come up with is, why the original designer of the betting system is giving away his betting system for a couple of dollars. Although I agree with them and I myself would ask you the very same question, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a tennis betting system needs to sell for hundreds of dollars to persuade the buyers. Would you prefer spending a fortune on a betting system that looks like any other that sells for $30?

I am looking for gamblers who have put a few tennis betting systems to the test. The betting system doesn’t need to be a winner in the end. Combining genuine ideas from many tennis betting systems, maybe I’ll come up with a profitable tennis betting system applying formulas that use statistical data from tennis games. That is how I have already tested a few football betting systems in the past. The question is whether I will make them public in the end or opt to sell them online! Just kidding…

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