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My everyday camera setup for documenting life

Discussing my everyday camera setup for documenting life that is light & powerful, allowing me to shoot video and take pictures easily and inconspicuously.

My everyday camera setup for documenting life

Thessaloniki is my home city. Its waterfront is popular among cyclists, runners and people who enjoy a walk by the sea. Most of them come to the promenade in the evenings to witness majestic sunsets.

I try visiting it when it’s not too crowded, usually in the mornings. My favourite day of the week to do so is Sunday, when it’s quieter as streets are empty and traffic noise is replaced by bird sounds. I used to come here when I had to clear my mind, to think and to get some fresh air. Since I got a camera though, I can’t resist taking pictures and shooting video here and there.

I’m Jim makos, a web entrepreneur who has recently discovered his creative side through a camera’s viewfinder. I have no background in arts and honestly, I used to mock friends who would carry heavy gear to snap photos. Now, I have at least one dedicated camera on me at all times, which I use to document my business and personal life, not to mention tripods, 360 cameras, drones and other filmmaking gear!

One of those Sundays I went for a morning walk and I took two cameras with me. I also picked my smallest lenses for the most compact setup, as I hate carrying a heavy backpack, especially when I’m expecting to walk for at least an hour and creating content isn’t my purpose. I had a 55mm lens attached to the camera I would primarily use for video and a 35mm lens attached to the camera that excels in taking landscape pictures. Yet, I would use it to film myself from time to time.

These cameras are full frame cameras. They offer superb image quality but it usually comes at a cost: the size. Full frame lenses are usually a lot bigger than other systems. I myself considered moving to other camera systems that offer smaller setups at one point, such as Fujifilm cameras. Yet, this lens combination lets me carry both cameras in a small messenger bag and take advantage of other full frame benefits, such as the shallow depth of field. Also, Sony cameras allow you to shoot in crop mode, effectively doubling the lenses’ use. As a result, I can shoot in 35mm, 50mm, 55mm and 80mm field of view in 4k with just two prime lenses that fit in an inconspicuous bag.

I often shoot video like taking pictures: through the viewfinder. It results in less shaky footage due to the third point of contact (your head) and people think of you as a photographer. Sometimes I check the recorded footage on the viewfinder as well, but mostly I use the back monitor.

I suppose this setup is ideal for street photographers as well. Although I do enjoy photography, making videos is what makes me happy, so I’ve found this camera and lens setup ideal for a walk-around, everyday, light video-making system after years of trial and error. I’m sure there are more compact setups out there, but this one works perfectly for me, when I need to quickly save a memory, document everyday life in near perfect image quality without hurting my back at the same time! Hopefully, it will help you in your quest of finding the perfect camera system – shhhhh, it doesn’t exist!

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