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My High Blood Pressure Is a Sign to Film my Parenting Advice ASAP

As my high blood pressure got me worried, I made a terrifying thought. Thus I have to start filming my parenting advice ASAP.

My High Blood Pressure Is a Sign to Film my Parenting Advice ASAP

A few weeks ago, I was getting dizzy and had nausea. I couldn’t even watch TV. I thought I was simply getting sick until a blood vessel popped up in my eye, and I immediately had my blood pressure checked. It was as high as eighteen hundred, but that didn’t set the alarm for me since I had sometimes seen that kind of measurement after having lunch. So I thought by the time I wake up the next morning, everything will be back to normal.

Unfortunately, the next day things were the same. After making some calls, friends and family instructed me to see a cardiologist to have my heart examined, who happened to be a friend’s wife. Two days had elapsed, and blood pressure continued hovering around seventeen hundred. I had my appointment on the third day very late at night. Upon examining my heart, it turned out it was functioning properly. In fact, blood pressure had returned to normal after seventy-two hours. Ran a few more health tests, and apparently, I was healthy as an ox once again. Just a glitch, I suppose.

While I was sweating in agony all those days, though, reading tens of horror stories online of what can go wrong, one thought couldn’t escape my mind. That, in the worst-case scenario, my little kid would never get to hear the advice I am planning to give her. I know, I know, I myself didn’t hear my dad’s advice when I was younger. I don’t expect her to listen to me. But at least I would have tried. Or maybe she listens to me when she spends hours on YouTube and runs across these videos when I won’t be around. So if just one person learns something from these videos, let it be my kid.

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