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Net Worth Breakdown and Portfolio Overview

My full net worth breakdown. How much is my stock portfolio worth? Which crypto coins have I invested in? Am I holding any cash? Answers included.

Net Worth Breakdown and Portfolio Overview
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What a great day to start sharing with the world all that stuff I meant to share for years! It's Monday, the start of the week. It's also the first of November, the very first day of the month. This feels like the first day of the rest of my life.

Ever wondered:

  • How much do I invest in Bitcoin?
  • What stocks do I hold?
  • What I'll be investing in next?
  • Who I'm betting to win the next US Presidential election?

These letters will share all this information and more.

This is not a tipping service. Nor is it financial advice. It's a transparent view into the management of my personal finances.

But it's not for the onlookers. It's actionable content. And it doesn't come for free.

Why these letters are behind a paywall?

I have never asked for money before on this blog. As I mentioned on my welcome page, I never sold my audience anything since I launched my website in 2005. Until now.

For years I'd been reading that I should create a product and sell it online if I wanted to build on my brand and monetize it. That product can be anything, from e-commerce to a digital e-book. Nothing seemed to fit my personality, though. I didn't feel like coaching, tutoring, or selling t-shirts with my logo on them. Perhaps only my mum would buy one of those.

Then I found the Ghost platform, a content management system that is tailored towards independently publishing a newsletter. And making money out of it!

I like writing. I like creating. And I also believe I have some expertise that may be helpful for people. The newsletter would allow me to combine and monetize all that.

Monetary reward is only half of the benefits I'll enjoy. Personally, writing these letters will help me fight depression and give me back the enthusiasm to get up early in the morning that I have missed so much, ever since I quit gambling.

What you are paying for?

You are paying neither for my writing skills nor for my creativity. You are paying for learning from my 20-year experience in risking money to make money and making a living as a solo entrepreneur. But you are also paying for the countless hours I spend daily uncovering information, whether that is freely available online (blogs, news, Twitter, YouTube, forums, etc.) or behind a paywall such as private chat groups, books, or paid newsletters.

Uncovering this knowledge cost both time and money. Finding reputable and reliable resources online is a skill nowadays with so much noise on the internet. In fact, one thing I noticed is how few people actually know how to search efficiently on Google!

Finally, having a paywall cuts out those people who will likely not see the benefit of these letters, nor would ever take action and are simply looking to share negativity around and bring other people down with them. Besides, I will keep sending free letters to all subscribers. It's these personal finance ones that will be kept behind the paywall for anyone serious about investing.

So, after months of overthinking my plan, I finally decided to cut myself some slack, get out of my slump, and get started.

What I'll cover - what's in it for you

First and foremost, I'm sharing all of my net worth in terms of percentages. It seems to have worked great for other publishers. And in all honesty, neither of us will be benefited from me sharing EUR or USD numbers. Rich people calculate their net worth in percentages and allocate their assets accordingly. Why not us?

So, you get to see how I'm managing my wealth and assets and maybe get inspired to manage yours accordingly. Everyone's net worth is different. By finding out how I'm allocating my net worth will make some of you calculate your net worth for the first time and realize how risk-averse you are. Or confirm what an awesome job you've been doing!

It's impossible to relate with all of you. A few will be ahead of the curve and others will be behind. But everyone makes mistakes. And if we don't learn from them, they are made in vain.

A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.

You also get notified of assets I'm putting my money in and my investing plan. In fact, the first article behind the paywall has been my investment in MANA crypto coin I published silently (as I'm doing with this very article; I won't be alerting my free newsletter subscribers or followers on social media just yet). I have to build some backlog of paid content before I let the world know I launched a paid newsletter.

Who on their right mind would subscribe based on promises without proof of work?

I didn't begin investing yesterday, though. Don't worry. As I am just getting started on this new online endeavor, I'll be writing about all of my open positions in good time. And that is my plan for each of those.

Obviously, some investments will turn up losers. You get to see my overall performance in the most transparent way. Hopefully, I won't go bankrupt. But even if I do, it will be a big mistake that everyone can learn from.

We are not here to make comparisons. Happiness is found then you stop comparing yourself to other people. You may be a better investor, you may be a worse one. The point is to acquire knowledge and take action on that knowledge.

What's the point of knowing everything if we are couch potatoes all day long?

For inexperienced readers, you can simply copy and paste my moves. But you also get answers to your questions, which I believe far outweigh the benefits of copying me.

For instance, many friends in real life keep asking me the same question: sure, the crypto market is gaining, but when should we sell? And how much?

Quite probably you're wondering the same things. And I'm not here to tell you I know all the answers. I'm not the expert you'd expect to guide you to riches. I'm simply one of you who gets to share his journey to financial freedom. But having turned a few hundred dollars into six figures in the past has gained me valuable experience that distinguishes me from the pack.

Moving forward, my plan for you as a paying subscriber is to receive:

  • A new letter at the start of each month, discussing my portfolio's performance and any worth-noting information of the past month. Also, what I'll be looking for next month. This is the main product of my newsletter and will likely be as long as this article.
  • A letter every time I invest or talk about a new coin, stock, or an emergency change in portfolio's allocation.
  • Exclusive letters discussing details of new projects, strategies and plans I use to manage my wealth.
  • Letters that are delivered to all subscribers of my free newsletter.
  • Publicly available new content that I publish on my blog.

Without further ado, let's dive into the numbers. We have lots of ground to cover.

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