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Online Poker stats for your Poker HUD

Online Poker stats for your Poker HUD

Adding important poker stats in your poker HUD can increase your poker bankroll. A poker HUD, or poker Heads-Up-Display, is a poker software of online poker player stats that show up around the player’s nickname while you play. Those poker statistics help you make the correct play and decision leading to bigger poker winnings. The poker hud can also assist in multitabling, thus playing a lot more poker hands simultaneously, since by just looking at the online poker stats you immediately know what type of poker player he is. Here is my recommended poker hud layout.

I’m a Pokertracker user for several years and although I have not tested any other poker tracking software like Holdem Manager for instance, I strongly recommend using it while you play poker. Pokertracker 3 is the latest version of the software adding more features and improving tracking performance. One of the most important features was the inclusion of a poker HUD in poker tracker 3. Initially poker HUD was a standalone poker software that worked with pokertracker 2 but there were issues regarding data retrieving and quick poker stats updating. Nowadays both poker tracker and poker HUD make use of the same poker database with all the online poker players stats, resulting to minimum delays in HUD updating.

As a poker player you need to figure out though what kind of poker statistics will make you the most money in the long run. Adding VPIP and PFR poker stats for every poker player in your poker HUD is a start but there are many more poker player stats which will help you play better and build your poker bankroll. 3betting frequency, folding to turn continuation bets and WtSD% are equally essential. So, you need to carefully build your own poker hud layout or select and customize a made one. I went for that route and chose one of the best poker hud layouts I could find.

The poker hud layout I’m using the latest months is called “Advanced Hud M3” and it is targeted to cash games. If you are a tournament poker player this HUD layout won’t be much of a help, but if you are a cash poker player this layout is a must. The layout’s author, Kraada, has done an amazing work but there are room for improvements or for additions you yourself believe that will come in handy in your play. The Advanced poker HUD layout can be downloaded from the Poker Tracker website. You can also see it in action in my recent Pokerstars High Stakes Poker video series.

If you are a single-table poker player then a poker HUD is not that important as you can keep track of all the players’ habits. However, if you are interested in multitabling and playing many hands to increase your hourly winrate and build a poker bankroll, I think a poker HUD saves you time, money and make you a better poker poker player.

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