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Paid Post as a Sign of Targeting Wrong Keywords

Paid Post as a Sign of Targeting Wrong Keywords

You know there is something wrong with your blog when you are asked to publish a porn-related post! I was offered a pre-written paid post to have it featured in my gambling blog today and although the money is good during the economic crisis, I’d rather keep my blog away from the porn industry. However, a paid post of a different niche should be considered as a sign that your blog targets the wrong keywords. How can that be possible? Well, it’s called hacking and I have already been a hackers’ victim when I used Google Webmaster Tool against my hacked Joomla website!

Since then I have deleted all the files in my server and reinstalled Joomla as a content management system and WordPress as my blogging system. I thought I was fine until this morning, when Linkworth informed me of a pending linkpost offer. Featured blog posts are often purchased as part of a link building strategy. My enthusiasm was quickly diminished as I saw that it was about publishing an article using the keyword “porn” as its’ link target! I visited Google Webmaster Tool to check out that everything was ok and apparently the top 2 keywords that Googlebot finds when crawling my site are still the ones it did before!

I guess “download” and “movie” keywords have forced my blog to get ranked well in those keywords. At least better than what I would have expected, as I rarely use both of these keywords. The advertiser wants to combine those popular keywords with his own and that is why I guess I was contacted in the first place. Unless of course my website and blog have been once again hacked and “porn” will eventually become my blog’s top keyword! That would surely be a nightmare.

And obviously, I’m not adding that specific keyword in the keywords’ list of this post!