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Pokerstars Supernova Elite: My 2010 goal in online poker

Supernova Elite is the ultimate Pokerstars VIP status and it can achieved on a yearly basis. I have constantly been achieving Supernova status in the last years and I have set one of my primary goals for 2010 to become one of the few Supernova Elites at Pokerstars. By becoming a SNE I will enjoy the outstanding rewards that come with the top VIP status and make more money cashing out bigger milestone bonuses. The task won’t be easy but I will surely try my best. Let’s take a closer look at the Pokerstars Supernova Elite awards in detail and how many hours I need to play online poker at Pokerstars.

Supernova Elite Awards:

Benefit: Details:
400% FPP Multiplier You earn 5 FPPs for every 1 VPP earned
Milestone Cash Credits As you reach various VIP Milestones you can purchase special cash credits
Supernova Elite VIP Store Access Ability to purchase exclusive Supernova Elite merchandise from the VIP Store using your FPP credits
VIP Stellar Rewards Cash rewards available in the VIP Store as you reach designated levels of yearly VPPs
Weekly VIP Tourneys $30,000 tourney (Saturdays at 14:30 for 100 FPP buy-in)
Monthly VIP Tourney $100,000 freeroll (Last Saturday of each month – free entry)
Quarterly VIP Tourney $1 Million tourney – Feb 6th May 1st Aug 7th Nov 6th – free entry
Free entry to selected major tourneys As a Supernova Elite you will automatically be given free entry to the WCOOP main event. You may also choose one of the following two options:Option A: Any two packages from PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, WSOP* Main Event, EPT Monte Carlo, APPT Sydney.Option B: Any one of the above packages plus $10,000.

In order to earn the rank of a Supernova Elite VIP, I must accumulate 1,000,000 VIP Player Points (VPP’s) during 2010. Earning the first 100K VPP’s means I keep my Supernova status until February 2011 and win all Stellar Rewards.

Yearly VPP: Stellar Reward:
750 $10
1,500 $10
2,250 $10
3,000 $10
4,000 $10
5,000 $50
10,000 $50
15,000 $50
20,000 $50
25,000 $50
30,000 $50
35,000 $50
40,000 $50
45,000 $50
50,000 $100
60,000 $100
70,000 $100
80,000 $100
90,000 $100
Total $1,000

By the time I reach 100K VPP’s, I will also be hitting the first milestone bonus and will eventually win all of the VPP milestones, making about $30,000 just from the bonuses.

  • $1000 at 100,000 VPP
  • $3,400 at 200,000 VPP
  • $3,600 at 300,000 VPP
  • $3,800 at 400,000 VPP
  • $4,000 at 500,000 VPP
  • $4,400 at 600,000 VPP
  • $4,600 at 700,000 VPP
  • $5,000 at 800,000 VPP

According to FPPPro, earning 1 million VPP’s and the Supernova Elite title is valued at $102,700 to $135,800 depending on the starting VIP level. Since I will be starting as a Supernova and I will be converting FPP’s to $4,000 bonuses, the total extra money my effort will bring is $113,000 according to the Pokerstars VIP calculator.

The duration of the task is expected to be less than 12 months. If I am to achieve Supernova Elite status on 31st of December, I need to make 2740 VPP’s per day. The more I make per day, the sooner I will become a SNE. To keep track of my progress I am including a VPP meter in my gambling blog’s front page.