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4 Reasons to Quit Gambling and Start Blogging

4 Reasons to Quit Gambling and Start Blogging

One can find no reason to quit gambling, as long as they make money in gambling. Things though become a bit more sorrow when money is lost day in day out. Quitting gambling isn’t easy when one has been gambling for years and even more if they are used to being profitable. Blogging offers a creative way out of gambling, a hobby that certainly won’t cost that much compared to gambling. Why should you quit gambling and start blogging?

Losing money

That’s a no-brainer. If gambling loses you money, why keep doing it? Sure it is a form of entertainment, but would you disagree that is a costly one? We all have dreamt of making millions by gambling online sitting at our desk, yet dreams come cheap. Reality can be quite painful when one checks his online bankroll and constantly make new deposits. Quit gambling and keep your money in your pockets. Blogging on the other hand won’t cost much in the beginning at least (before changing your blog’s hosting plan), and one can continue dreaming making tons of money, since plenty of people have become professional bloggers making a living out of blogging online.


Tilt is the psychological state when big losses have a tremendously bad effect in our calmness and one starts betting uncontrollably. Tilt usually refers to poker, since bad beats more often than not cause tilt situations. However tilt can happen in every aspect of gambling, such as losing in sports betting for several days in a row. Bankrolls get erased in a couple of minutes and items on the desk like the keyboard or mouse are broken, as anger leads tilted players to irrational behavior. Losing in gambling might sometimes lead gamblers to even harm themselves or get angry with their families and friends, although those are extreme situations. Blogging on the other hand can’t possibly be that frustrating. By quitting gambling you effectively quit tilting.


We all admit that gambling is the least creative hobby. We neither create anything, nor do we provide some kind of service to society. Creativity is often missed for people actively gambling in their daily lives and blogging can fill that gap. I myself have been blogging for years, in order to feel more creative instead of spending money in gambling.


Now, time is perhaps the most precious asset and I suppose plenty of readers will agree with me. Trying to make money in gambling or even become a professional gambler is very time-consuming. It’s a career actually that will consume all your energy apart from time. Endless nights are spent building a betting system, family trips are cancelled due to popular football games taking place during weekends and avoiding exercise in gyms or even walking, so that we discover the Holy Grail of gambling, are just a few sacrifices an active gambler makes. Devotion and dedication are certainly needed if one’s goal is to succeed not only in gambling, but in other making-money hobbies or jobs as well. Yet, making money in gambling is a lot more difficult, maybe because if one finds a scalable winning method, they only need to increase the stakes to make even more money!

Making money in blogging on the other hand isn’t that hard. Again, time will play a crucial role in a blogger’s success, since the more time they spend blogging and promote their blog, the more successful they become. Still, time isn’t spent without cause. In the end of the day, you would have written two or three new articles that will get read by thousands of people, you would have improved your blog’s design making it more eye-candy and you would have added more options to get connected with people, further strengthening your online presence. In gambling, hours and days may be spent without meaning and in the end gamblers will question their abilities to make money. That is when they will begin asking themselves if it’s time to quit gambling.

Before you start blogging, read how to register and develop keyword-targeted domains, so that you make the most out of your blogging time.

Have you ever thought of quitting gambling and start blogging? Have you been gambling for years and decided to quit lately? Would you rather write instead of gambling? Let me know in the comments below.

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