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Bringing back memories with old trading videos

As I am trying to tidy up my blog and get rid of all the mess that has been sitting idle online for years, I came across some old videos I had recorded about sports trading. Although some were included in posts as attachments, I never uploaded those old trading videos at Youtube. As if… Continue reading

How Betfair changed my life!

Betfair is withdrawing from Greece and I won’t be able to even login to my Betfair account in December, according to the Greek gambling law. When I first registered this account back in 2004, I never expected I would be posting such an article in my personal blog. Besides, I didn’t even have a blog… Continue reading

Centaur Academy Sports Trading Course Discount for Readers

Centaur Academy have a few spaces left on their Advanced Football Trading course and Advance Horse Racing course over the next few weeks, which you can try yourselves for £99 discounted of the normal price of £249, by mentioning my nickname (Jimmakos) when booking. Either course needs to be booked by contacting them personally by… Continue reading

Bet Angel and BFExplorer: Sports Trading Software in Betfair

If you are looking for sports trading software in Betfair, here is a side to side comparison of Bet Angel and BFExplorer. I traded 3 horse racing markets using both trading platforms and recorded today’s trading video. Both trading programs have charting capabilities, adequate refresh rates, ladder interface and quick response times. Everything a serious… Continue reading

Sports Trading: Trend is your friend in Betfair trading

Trend is your friend and today’s sports trading video is a prime example of that. Betfair trading is not that difficult if we follow simple rules when trading the horse racing betting odds with Bet Angel Pro. In this Betfair trading video I traded 2 horse racing markets with small stakes and while the first… Continue reading

Money Management in Betfair Trading

Successful sports trading in Betfair or any other online betting exchange depends a lot on proper money management. It may only seem important to pick up the online betting odds movements correctly, but applying money management in trading the online betting odds will make money for serious sports traders. If we are just starting out… Continue reading

Tennis: Live Sports Trading [VIDEO]

Tennis is a popular sport to apply trading systems on. Like in stock trading, technical analysis provides excellent help to define entry and exit points while we try to make money trading tennis matches. The trading video shows how to take advantage of charting tools like FairBot, making use of trading indicators like Bollinger Bands… Continue reading

Horse Racing Trading still beatable?

Apparently yes! Or so it seems. Today I took a look at Bet Angel web page and I noticed a banner in the right column with the title: “2008 £1k to £100k Challenge”. That rang a bell since Adam Todd from RacingTraders had attempted such a challenge in the past. So I decided to visit… Continue reading

Who pays commission? How are odds affected?

Everyone pays commission in order to be able to bet on an event. This is true either in Betfair or another bookmaker. The bookmakers have “vig” representing the commission. Vig, which is short for vigorish, is a term used to describe the book’s theoretical edge, or commission, on each betting online wager. So, how does this… Continue reading