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The Math of a Newsletter

The Math of a Newsletter

You visit a website. You start reading a compelling article. 10 seconds later, a pop-up asks for your email address.

You refuse (obviously). It鈥檚 too soon. 馃檮

You continue reading. 5 paragraphs into the article, another sign-up form interrupts the text.

You ignore it.

You finish reading the article. Another sign-up opportunity at the end. Still, you can't trust the author based on a single article; it's still too soon.

As you move your mouse to exit the page and continue browsing the internet, ANOTHER sign-up form pops up, urging you not to miss their future articles. 馃槧

Why are bloggers and web publishers doing that?

Let鈥檚 see the math behind running a newsletter and how my letters can become an income stream for me (and others).

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