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Why We Are Unhappy in Life

We are unhappy in life because we feel we never have enough and always want more. The things we want may be pointless. What’s your excuse for being unhappy?

We are unhappy because we feel we never have enough. We always want more. Much more. And the things we want may be pointless or don’t even make sense.

When I turned 18 I wanted my parents to get me a car. Then I wanted to buy my own car, ending up buying a far more expensive car. And then, a family car. An even more expensive car. And now? Now, I want a car that is cheap to maintain and doesn’t draw much attention. Like my first car!

They say that we can’t please everyone. Indeed, how can we please everyone when we can’t please ourselves? We are never satisfied. We wish for things that once we get, we no longer appreciate only to wish for more things, that once again we’ll no longer appreciate. Again. A never-ending cycle. Is this happiness?

And it doesn’t have to be things. It’s our job, a career, our business, staying single or having a family, pursuing a dream or doing whatever makes us happy.

I understand that. It’s called evolution. We all strive for improvement. For taking the next step. For advancing our life. We step on the gas and we never lift a foot. Are we heading towards happiness, though?

Some escape to creativity in the pursuit of happiness. I myself am making videos.

Imagine you could get one wish. The wish to wake up in a different place. In a different life. To a different you. Would you do it? Now, how likely is it for you to end up in a worse situation than in a better one? We usually think of a few things we would have done differently in our lives but right now you just thought how many things could have gone so much horribly wrong. So, what’s your excuse for being unhappy?