Jim Makos: A Gambling Writer’s Blog

By gambling and investing with real money online, I put my money where my mouth is. I also write about my success or failure.
Pen name of Dimitris Con.

Jim Makos is my pseudonym/pen name when it comes to gambling and online gaming.

I have become a writer after spending years risking my very own money to… make money.

I began with card counting at blackjack tables, then moved to sports trading at betting exchanges, played online poker and ended up investing in US stock markets and forex. Nowadays I mostly write than gamble or invest, about these topics.

I write about:
  • Finance, Economics and Investing
  • Stocks, forex and futures trading
  • Offline and Online Gaming/Gambling
  • Sports betting & sports trading
  • Casino Games
  • Live and Online Poker
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Despite spending most of my time as a writer creating content online, I am still a trader, sports bettor, gambler and poker player.

Writing doesn’t mean I have quit gambling.

I still enjoy trading stocks, currencies or futures. I still test new sports betting strategies and sit down at online poker tables. It’s just that I have found joy in writing and have become a lot more creative. I even video blog at YouTube and Vimeo! 

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Whatever I write about comes from personal experience. That is why I need to stay active in the investing and gambling world!

So, I work from home as a writer and blogger. I write  for clients and for my own blogs.

I work from home as a trader. I used to trade sports a lot and even went full-time trading betting odds at betting exchanges. Nowadays I trade forex, stocks and futures in Wall Street.

I work from home as a gambler. No, I am not gambling away my money, I find opportunities in online betting and online poker where I believe I have an edge.

And whatever I learn by doing all that, I am happy to share it with the world by writing at my own blogs or contribute to other blogs and video blogging online. I am writing for the mobile.casino.com site and my work has also appeared at:


I don’t do reporting. I am all opinion, all the time. I am not in the industry, I am just writing about and sharing my experience of taking risks online by investing with real money.

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