Two Poker Leaks at HUD that Cost Money, +8BI Day
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Two Poker Leaks at HUD that Cost Money, +8BI Day

Net won figure of yesterday’s poker performance reads $740 at $50NL tables but the EV adjusted winnings were 8 buy-ins, ranking the day as the most profitable one, since I began posting again about poker.


Obviously I ran pretty well for 7 buy-ins above Expected Value, so a correction is very likely the next days. Hitting many draws and monster hands placed me for a while in the first spot of the top poker winners for the day, shown in the image I posted in Facebook. Perhaps better table selection led to this result, but I still have to fix some poker leaks. It seems I go to showdown with bad hands more often than not and I am also more aggressive on Turn than I should be. And those two leaks are indicated in the Holdem Manager’s poker HUD I’m using.

First, a few words about the color-coding of my Poker HUD. Any stat you see in the poker software colored in blue indicates a perfect figure. I can find an edge though against my opponents whenever I see a red or green statistic. Small leaks are indicated in orange and yellow color. Regarding my stats at the poker HUD, we can see two stats in green:

1)      4.4: 4bet Range

2)      8.2: Squeeze Frequency

Those two stats are not that important and they need a huge sample to actually have a meaning. I am not worried about them yet. However I am concerned about the two stats indicated by the arrows in the image above. Those include the Turn Aggression Frequency (37%) and the Won $ at Showdown % – W$SD%(49%).

It seems like I am firing a lot of turns. I do that more frequent than I should with bluffs or by value betting a worse hand. Both actions have an impact as a consequence to the showdown statistic. I end up showing air or losing hands by the time the cards are revealed, leading to a low W$SD%. A proper range would be 51 to 59%.

Other poker players can exploit those two poker leaks of mine by calling down more often on turn with medium hands or bluff-raising me on turn or river. Of course, now that I know of those poker leaks, I am already taking action to have them fixed. For example, during yesterday’s 5-hour session, my turn aggression was reduced to 35% and the W$SD% was increased to 55%. But since I ran better than expected, I should improve them more.

Here is the poker graph of the first 5 days of April at $50NL, taken from Holdem Manager.

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