Received a Payment from LoudLaunch link service – Bonus included!
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Received a Payment from LoudLaunch link service – Bonus included!

Received a Payment from LoudLaunch link service – Bonus included!

I have finally received a payment from LoudLaunch since the last time I discussed about the specific link building service, which also included a much welcome bonus! Therefore I figured I should let my blog’s readers know in case their payments have also been delayed. It turns out LoudLaunch was in a relaunch/rebranding phase in the last 2 months according to their CEO, Toni Atkinson, that led numerous emails to go unanswered and quite a lot of payments to put on hold. Inevitably several bloggers were discouraged to continue working with LoudLaunch and who could blame them? Building a blog or a website isn’t easy or doesn’t come cheap as it looks and sharing guest blog posts to your dedicated followers is one of the few ways to make money from blogging, especially if your niche is gambling. Thus bloggers need to be assured that they are going to be paid for the provided service. LoudLaunch did pay me in the end and I expect them to be paying on time from now on.

Remember when I complained that I continuously tried contacting LoudLaunch to find out about my payment’s status in June? Toni was kind enough to make that up for me, not only by apologizing in almost every email he sent me the past week (more than 3!) but also by including a $25 bonus! Apologies may sound convenient and easy to make but sending extra money is top notch! LoudLaunch acknowledged their mistakes in the best possible way and they have won me back. I’m delighted to have received both my payment and the added bonus and I’m looking forward to doing business again with the link building service. Depending on the next deal I strike with LoudLaunch and the payment’s delivery time, I will keep you updated, in case some readers are still doubtful.

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