Repurposing Content: How to Get Your Content to More People

A content creator can create that much content per day. In the battle for making the most out of our time, creating value can go that far. Every day we wake up and try to use the next 16 hours most efficiently. And when it comes to creating content for the internet, content repurposing is how you efficiently use that content.

Let’s say you filmed a 10-minute video for YouTube. That’s one piece of content. That’s the original content that you can extract many more pieces from.

First, you can get the audio of that video, make small edits and repurpose it as a podcast, as I discussed recently in another episode. Second, you can trim 1-minute clips out of the original video and create short videos for Twitter or other social platforms. Finally, get creative and edit 15-second clips out of that very same content to create Instagram stories.

Repurposing content doesn’t stop there, though.

Transcribe your video or do what I do. Before recording a video, write a script that will be used as a blog post on your website. I understand that not every video can be scripted, but I’m sure you can format your speech into an article somehow. Then, take your most valuable, short sentences out of it and add them as quotes on pictures of yours for branding. You now have several pieces of content for your Instagram feed.

As a perfectionist, I used to overthink about the quality before I created a piece of content. At the end of the day, though, I had created just a single piece of content that wasn’t promoted enough. And once that was done, I had to go back to overthinking my next piece of content.

By repurposing content, I can create a lot more content, based on the content I consider perfect in the first place. So, quality AND quantity. Win-win.

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