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How to Spend a Lockdown by Staying at Home

Lockdowns will have a huge impact on the economic life both for countries and for individuals but it doesn’t necessarily mean lying on the couch for weeks.

How to Spend a Lockdown by Staying at Home

Like millions of people in the world, I find myself constrained at home as the country enters a lockdown period due to the coronavirus outbreak. I have to thank the local architecture, though, for these big balconies that allow us to stay at home while breathing some fresh air and enjoying the sun safely. Well, obviously, not today.

Lockdowns will have a huge impact on the economic life both for countries and for individuals as discussed in my last video. Being forced to stop working and looking at a shrinking income can be very stressful. Yet, if you can handle the pressure and realize that there ARE things that we cannot control, a lockdown doesn’t necessarily mean lying on the couch for weeks, cursing our bad luck. Far from it.

Now it’s time to spend time for yourself. Something that I strongly believe many have neglected for years. That is to spend time doing what you REALLY craved for while working all the past years. Yes, it has to be done inside your house’s walls. Doesn’t that beat waiting in long queues outside of supermarkets or binge-watching all the latest shows on Netflix?

Did you ever want to build a personal website? Or maybe an e-commerce website based on that million-dollar idea of yours! How about going through your recommended book list? Time to start AND finish that book you had in mind. The least you can do during the lockdown period is to read. Read a ton. Knowledge is power. Learn something new, become better at something, improve your skills. Also avoid getting sucked into the news. Speaking from experience.

I myself am focusing on filming more videos for my YouTube channel. Since I made the decision to create content on a regular base, it feels natural to work on that even more now during the lockdown. By doing so the past few months, I also realized how creativity can help us disconnect from the problems, reduce stress and understand that all that matters in this world is to be happy. And making videos keeps me happy.

At the same time, I am taking care of my web business as usual. We have to eat and videos don’t pay anything for now. Freelancers in lockdown around the world are possibly increasing their workload as long there’s a demand for their work. Web publishers like myself need to keep websites updated with new content and as long as people surf the internet, work never stops.

Due to lockdown, Ι now have to spend considerably more time with my family while schools are closed. Certainly, I can see how lockdowns can lead to booming business for divorce lawyers in a month, but I believe families nowadays rarely spend so much time together indoors. For me, it’s a great chance to have fun with my girls. Yet, being competitive myself, I’m researching ways to educate my own daughter, instead of letting her sit in front of TV for hours. She will watch cartoons or documentaries and play video games more than ever before but advancing her education is on us nowadays.

Lockdowns will most probably last for weeks. Unless you are financially struggling or have health problems yourself or your family members, in which case our thoughts are with you, you have no excuse not to make the most of your time at home. Stay at home, keep social distancing and build on skills and projects that you will thank yourself for in due time. The virus will eventually be beaten. Don’t beat yourself while you are waiting for that. Stay safe!

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