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Working from home during a health crisis

Working from home is not available to everyone out there. Think of people who will struggle financially due to this virus that is already crippling the world economy.

Working from home and family, can we make them work?

The truth is I began having second thoughts about this whole daily blogging thing. Mostly because I do not have a specific topic to discuss. So, I thought of writing about one today. I’ll write about the combination of raising a family and working from home. And more specifically – for this text anyway –… Continue reading

Back Home

After 3 weeks on the island of Skyros in Greece, I’m once again back to my favorite place: my office. It’s been many years since I left home for so long and it feels a bit strange. As if I have all the time in my hands and a peculiar urge to change everything around me!

I guess routine will kick in sooner or later. Sigh.

Hope some of you are still enjoying your summertime! Have fun!

How do you work from home with a newborn baby?

You don’t. Since my daughter was born 2 weeks ago, I managed to write one post. Just one and it wasn’t a difficult one either. When you make a living as a blogger, that is worrying. Even staying active at social media was a challenge these days. If you are struggling concentrating to your work… Continue reading