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I spent $500 on a theme

I hope it wasn't a mistake.

I know what you're thinking.

How can I afford to pay $500 for a theme for my revenue-generating website while I'm trying to extend my cash runway, while I'm trying to recover my website from a Google update hit?

And it's not even a theme for WordPress. It's for Ghost. Totally niche, right?

Fair enough.

  • What if I told you that the theme is faster than the free one I had installed?
  • What if I told you that it's not a theme but a bunch of themeS? And with lifetime upgrades and support?

Still nothing, huh?


  • What if I told you that this theme will make $5,000 in a year?
Alright. Now I got your attention.

The theme includes a sidebar, which my previous one didn't have. Surely, I could have spent a couple of hours learning to code a sidebar to the installed theme instead of spending $500. 馃檮

But then I would also need to learn how to add a table of contents, which the old theme didn't have, either.

And by buying the theme bundle (about 10 themes in total with an average price of $100; told you, niche market), I could now update my personal blog鈥檚 theme since I got a license for unlimited websites.

In fact, you can check my blog's new look.

But I've still not explained how it will make me money.

I went through this in a previous podcast episode. Long story short, since I moved that website to Ghost, I could no longer run an advertisement on the sidebar, because there was no sidebar in the Ghost's free themes.

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