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Make Money in Poker? Invest in Multi Monitor Computer Setup

Make Money in Poker? Invest in Multi Monitor Computer Setup

It amazes when successful poker players post their computer setups, which are full of monitors of different display sizes along with a couple of laptops! If you are making money playing poker, invest some of the winnings to buy a proper multi monitor setup for God’s sake! Bragging about recent online poker tournament wins and how you made thousands of dollars this year, but at the same time showing a desk full of monitors ranging from 11-inch to 27-inch displays is truly priceless. Next time you win a couple of thousands, spend some of that to buy at least a proper dual monitor setup or more if you need it. But please stop playing online poker and spending thousands on tournaments’ buy-ins at cheap and old displays just because they were lying around your house and can’t find the time to learn how to setup a multi monitor setup!

I started playing online poker on my laptop back in 2006. Since I wasn’t making any money then, it would be a bad investment spending money on new monitors. As years went by, I managed to add more tables while improving my poker skills and finally began increasing my poker bankroll. However opening more than 4 poker tables and multi tabling at online poker rooms quickly had me thinking of building a dual monitor computer setup. Although you can connect a monitor to your laptop, I opted to build a desktop computer for more power while sacrificing mobility. I guess that is how most poker players remember their first steps in poker industry. Starting playing from their laptops and moving to multi monitor setups when they made money surely sounds familiar for most.

Yet we see photos posted by poker players around the world of their working desks full of new and old monitors combined! I totally understand the cost and time needed to build a multi monitor setup in your office, when you keep trying to become a winning poker player. Investing in improving your skills should be your top priority. However if you have proven profitable over a long time, why limiting your knowledge and skills by playing at a really awkward environment? Poker players know that adding more poker tables and tournaments and playing profitably at the same time will increase their hourly win rate. Does though playing at a 24-inch monitor next to a 14-inch laptop really help?

Winners at online poker tournaments can make 20, 30 or more than 100,000 US dollars annually. A quad monitor setup including four 24-inch displays costs less than a thousand without the computer. Spend a thousand more for that and you got yourself a great computer setup that will make your life and work easier for years to come. Besides, what’s the meaning of bragging about your recent $20,000 win at poker tournaments, if you are still saving money by using old and small displays? Some won’t believe you actually make money, and a professionally looking office desk will dispel any doubts.

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