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Sharing Poker Hands via PokerStars Boom! Hand Replayer

Sharing Poker Hands via PokerStars Boom! Hand Replayer

Sharing poker hands online hasn’t been easier before! PokerStars has launched Boom! Hand replayer where poker players can post and share their big bluffs, huge pot wins or bad beats! For regular poker players like myself who also blog about their Poker hands, the hand replayer is truly a gift since posting and including hand histories in social networks or in blog posts hasn’t been exactly that convenient. With Boom! Hand replayer I can now publish almost instantly the poker hand right from the poker table, tweet it and even embed it later in my blog, should I want to comment on that! On behalf of several poker players/bloggers, thank you PokerStars!


How easy is sharing your latest poker hand you played at PokerStars I hear you ask. No more than a two clicks away. While you play either a cash game or a tournament, the hand summaries are shown in the chat box. Right next to each hand’s summary you’ll notice the trademarked sign of Boom! replayer. Clicking on it leaves you with two choices, either to share the poker hand at the Boom! website or with your Twitter followers! Given the fact you can login to Boom! by linking to your twitter account, there’s even no need to create a new account at Boom! Just use your existing account from Twitter, pick your screen’s name – can be different than your actual PokerStars nickname – and off you go!


Before I tried Boom! hand replayer from PokerStars, I had been blogging about online poker in my WordPress blog. Posting hand histories or images from Holdem Manager replayer screen had been a tiresome task and readers find it difficult to keep up. I know I have, when reading posts about poker analysis, even with properly formatted hand histories. Yet, I was trying to make my posts as easily-read as possible. Now I can simply embed the poker hand in my blog post by simply pasting the embed code where appropriate. Check out my first poker hand I shared with Boom! and vote/like it!

Boom! hand replayer offers two sizes of their embed codes: the standard (640 pixels width) and the small (400px width). Since most blogs are 960 pixels wide and the sidebar’s width is about 300 pixels, that leaves 650 pixels (with margins) for the content. This means including the standard size of the replayer won’t cause much trouble to most blogs out there.

Facebook and Google Plus are both missing from the sharing options though. I suppose they will be added on. Besides, there’s plenty of room below Twitter for other social networks to be used for connecting with Boom! hand replayer.