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The Sunday Podcast Setup

What gear I use to produce my podcast episodes.

The Sunday Podcast Setup

If you want to tell your story and reach a bigger audience, you need to start delivering your content in video format.

But that may sound overwhelming and probably overkill in the case of podcasting.

Using a phone can work. But you’ll soon realize that producing a video podcast with your phone is cumbersome and has a lot of limitations.

Obviously, what you say is far more important. But can you hook your audience with an astonishing story in every episode?

I’ve chosen to make my video podcasts as visually pleasing as possible, to compensate for my weakness in delivering my lines and for finding interesting stories to share every time.

Here’s how I’ve set up this Sunday’s podcast episode, which is all about web publishing, as I'm talking about moving 100k monthly users from WordPress to Ghost.

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