Web Publishing: Insights from a 20-Year Journey

I show people how I run my websites and what has worked for me as a web publisher for more than 15 years.

Web Publishing: Insights from a 20-Year Journey

I published this personal website in 2005. You can bet it has undergone many changes, as I have in real life.

As I became more proficient with operating this personal blog, I began creating and managing many other websites, that acted as little projects of mine. Eventually, some of these silly ideas turned out to be sustainable businesses that allowed me to make a living as a web publisher for years.

What is Web Publishing?

People often ask me:

Jim, what do you mean by web publishing?

They are used to hear about web design and web development but very rarely about web publishing. In fact, web publishing includes all that and much, much more.

Web publishing is all about publishing original content on the internet, whether that is a commercial website, a personal blog, an e-book, or a community forum.

So, a web publisher is publishing some type of web content on an online place.

But until he or she reaches for the Publish button, they need to

  • create the space,
  • design the environment that's going to host the content, and
  • create the content itself!

And content isn't only words but photos and videos, as well!

Web publishing doesn't end there! It's a work in progress. The content needs marketing to reach more eyes and regular updates if it's evergreen.

In the end, web publishing is a very creative and exciting line of work that I have enjoyed for many years, making a living by publishing websites.

Now, let me introduce you to each step of the web publishing process so that you get started on the right track.

  1. First off, there's web development, which is like building the whole thing that's going to host your content. You decide where your content will reside, how it looks, and how people can move around your content.
  2. Then comes the fun part: content creation! That's when you fill the website with amazing things like stories, pictures, podcasts, and videos.
  3. And just like telling your friends about your recent trip, marketing is all about letting everyone know your awesome website exists!

So, web publishing is this awesome adventure where you create, build, and share your very own magical spot on the internet! And you have full control over it.

Check out what I recently wrote about web publishing here.

In 2024, though, I realized that web publishing is not as future-proof as I thought.

Web Development

Publishing a website starts with the development of the website. Web development includes:

  • Web hosting: Where the website lives.
  • Web design: How the website looks.
  • Web programming: Additional tools, coding and database management that the website may require.

When you build a website, it's like putting together a puzzle, but instead of pieces, you use computer languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML acts like the structure, CSS adds the colors and designs, and JavaScript makes things move and do cool tricks!

The best part is that we don't have to learn everything. In fact, nowadays a web publisher doesn't need to know any of these to create a successful web presence online!

Thanks to modern web development tools, building, developing and managing a website can be very easy, by just clicking buttons on a screen.

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Content Creation

This is my favorite part of web publishing! It's the time to become creative!

Once a website is up and running, a web publisher needs to fill it with content—but not any content. Depending on the website we're building, we need to create different types of content.

But most importantly, we are not creating content for us.

We are creating content for a specific audience.

That content needs to provide value to visitors. It needs to be so good, that people keep coming back for more. It's the only way to build a business around our content. Otherwise, we create content for nothing.

This content can be anything, from writing stories and making videos to taking photographs and recording podcasts.

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Writing stories

Writing in web publishing is like being a storyteller in a huge library that the whole world can visit. Your words become the books that people read when they visit your website.

Whether it's telling exciting stories, explaining things clearly, or sharing helpful tips, your writing is the magic that keeps people interested and engaged.

Just like a great book grabs your attention from the first page, good writing on a website captures visitors' interest and keeps them hooked. It's about using words to create a world that people want to explore, learn from, and enjoy.

So, writing in web publishing is your superpower to connect with people, share your ideas, and make your website a place where everyone wants to hang out!

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Filmmaking and making videos

Filmmaking in web publishing is like being a director of your own blockbuster movie, but instead of theaters, your audience watches your masterpiece on the internet!

You're the storyteller, using moving pictures and sounds to create amazing stories or share valuable information.

Just as a director brings together actors, sets, and special effects to make a movie, in web publishing, you combine visuals, sounds, and sometimes animations to create engaging videos. It's like crafting a thrilling adventure or an informative documentary that people can watch from anywhere in the world.

Filmmaking in web publishing lets you be the creator, entertainer, and educator, all rolled into one, bringing your stories and messages to life on the digital screen!

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Photography and using pictures

Photography in web publishing is like being a wizard with a camera, capturing magical moments frozen in time. Your photos become the artwork that paints a vivid picture for everyone visiting your website.

Just as an artist chooses colors and strokes to create a masterpiece, you, as a photographer, select angles, lighting, and subjects to tell captivating stories through your images. Your photos speak volumes, conveying emotions, sharing experiences, and showcasing the beauty of the world around us.

Photography in web publishing is your superpower to make your website visually stunning, drawing people in and leaving them in awe of the incredible moments you've captured.

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Podcasting in web publishing is like hosting your own radio show, except it's available anytime, anywhere, for anyone with an internet connection.

You're the host, sharing your thoughts, stories, or expertise through audio episodes that people can listen to on their phones, computers, or any device.

Just like a radio host entertains and informs listeners, in podcasting, you engage your audience with your voice, interviews, discussions, or even storytelling. It's like having a conversation with your audience, creating a personal connection as they tune in to hear your unique perspective or learn something new.

Podcasting in web publishing gives you a platform to share your voice and ideas, making your website an audio hub where people can tune in and be part of your world.

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Marketing in web publishing is like being a friendly guide who helps people discover the awesome website you've built in the vast internet playground. It's about spreading the word and inviting everyone to come and hang out at your place.

There are many ways to promote the website and the content you create as a web publisher to reach as many people as possible.

  1. SEO: Making our content appear as the first result in search engines.
  2. Social Media: Promoting our content on social media platforms.
  3. Newsletter: Building a community on our own website.

Marketing in web publishing is your way of opening the door and welcoming people to come and enjoy the awesome stuff you've created online!

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