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Well begun is half done

Well begun is half done

Monday. The first day of the week. Yesterday’s Monday will be a special Monday for me. It’ll be the first day of my daily blogging.

The beginning is half of everything - Pythagoras

That’s right. Writing on a daily basis. Something like a public diary. With no love stories and cute little flowers but based on topics I’m personally interested in, as I said in Saturday’s video.

It’s now early on Tuesday morning that I’m writing these words. Very early. Every rational European who is reading these lines is probably asleep right now. At first I thought of writing in the night right before the end of the day. I’m too tired, though. Also, I’m a morning guy and my brain’s efficiency reaches its peak in the morning.

Additionally, I don’t want to write blocks of text. To avoid tl;dr situations, I’ll include pictures or even small video clips, images of that specific day. Here’s a swing from last night for example, moments before the storm that hit the city (for newcomers, I’m not some kind of pervert wandering at playgrounds late at night; raising a family means these are the places I visit quite often).

My goal for the day was to start creating my next video after the… enthusiastic start on Saturday. Goal accomplished. I filmed the main footage, recorded the narration, even added a couple of b-rolls (extra shots that you never know when they come in handy) but it’s still work in progress. What’s more, on Sunday I finished the mockup that will be used as the closing touch in my upcoming videos.

Here it is.

Via this mockup, the viewers will get a chance to hop over to my Instagram and Twitter profiles and feeds, while watching parts of my most recent video right there, in the middle of the screen. This idea came from Mr. Ben Brown’s YouTube channel.

And as everything was playing out well enough in my dream world, I thought of taking a break, to have a snack. Nowadays, my breaks include watching a lot of YouTube videos, mainly on photography and filmmaking that I really enjoy and want to improve on.

Big mistake.

That resulted in me losing confidence, being disappointed and depressed once again and quit editing for the day. Yeap, it’s wrong to compare ourselves with others. We should do that only with our past self. I know that. Yet, I still cannot avoid watching perfectly-shot videos and comparing them with my primitive, amateur work. I hear you say, wait a moment Jim, you are not a filmmaker, that’s not your job. You say that right, it’s me who doesn’t listen to. My perfectionism doesn’t allow me to.

So, my first diary’s day, Monday, had a lot of video shooting and editing but no results. I hope I’ll focus better today and perhaps finish it. I dare to offer you 12.50-1 odds that I’ll also upload it! Anyone want to bet?

Before I end this, let me share a few technical details of the diary’s entries.

I begin writing these in Greek. Then I translate them in English. SEO and other nonsense like ranking in Google search results are non-existent for these posts. The point is for me to write, as I enjoy writing a lot but I’ve neglected it a lot (double trouble).

Upon publishing the post, I’ll let you know at social networks. Everywhere I can really, in case I find other like-minded people to read them, who share the same passion and hobbies with me. As the world hears of my writings, I’ll share two links, one in English and one in Greek. Here, these are the links for this specific post:


That domain is my personal If you care, I can write about it and how you can launch a shortening-URL service by yourself.

The post’s language can be changed from the top menu right here in the website, but for saving time I’ll give away the links in the original social media’s posts, so that you can click on the language you understand.

Will it be a lot of work for me? I guess so. Will I write every day? Maybe. Nothing is certain in this life.

Talk tomorrow.

Find the full-resolution pictures at Flickr:

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